Types of web traffic and how you can get organic traffic

Charlotte Miller

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By entering Google Analytics / Behavior / Site Content / All pages, you will be able to observe in detail all the pages that receive visits on your website in the selected period.

These visits come to your website from different places, and it is very important to understand well where your majority traffic comes from to position yourself in search engines and obtain organic visits. Once there, you must click on Secondary dimension / Medium source. When the results are displayed, you will be able to see the 10 URLs that receive the most traffic on your website and where that traffic comes from.

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Types of web Traffic

Organic traffic

It is the traffic from search engines and the most coveted. Why? Because those who come this way have directly searched Google (or any other search engine) for content related to your brand and service and have reached it because it is properly positioned.

A user who finds us in the search engines is directly interested in what we offer, whether it is information or a product or service he is looking for. If most of your traffic is organic, it means that your SEO positioning is paying off, although the number of visits should increase over time.

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Direct traffic

Those visits come from users who came directly to your page because they know you previously. A high percentage of direct traffic is interesting, as it indicates that your website, brand, or service is known and therefore people are looking for you directly. Ideally, it should be combined with organic traffic, since the latter allows attracting new users.

Social traffic

All those visits come from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, or Instagram. If you have a content strategy on social networks, you will likely receive visits from these media.

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Referral traffic

In Analytics it is interpreted as Referral and corresponds to all visits that come to our page through a link placed on another website. This type of traffic is achieved mainly when we carry out a link-building strategy, or when our page has weight in its niche and related websites begin to link us. The more qualified the medium that links us, the more valuable the traffic will be.

Paid traffic

All those visits that come from a paid ad, such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, etc. These metrics will be interpreted as CPC or PPC depending on the language in which you have configured your Analytics.

Why is it important to work on organic traffic strategies?

Whoever finds you with a search in Google, for example, or in any other search engine, is much more likely than any other visitor to buy something you sell. They are also more likely to subscribe by leaving their email since they are eager for the type of information you offer. This person will more easily give you a “like”, leave you a comment or even recommend your post since as they need the information you offer them, they will value your work. As you can see, organic traffic is an excellent way to get a valuable audience.

How to attract organic traffic?

To attract organic traffic, we must do our best so that the search engines index us and allow us to be in the first positions of a search.

And how to achieve this? Following the techniques of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which is based on keywords, scannability of the text, loading time, user experience; using internal and external links, and working the authority of your page.

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