Trendy Nail Shapes for the Perfect Nails For Your Taste

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Trendy Nail Shapes for the Perfect Nails For Your Taste

Nail designs have grown leaps and bounds over the past few years. This includes nail art, design color, and even shape. Yes, traditional and French manicures are still in fashion, but there are quite a few options when it comes to nail shape.

This article will highlight the hottest nail shapes and beyond. From short, square nails to coffin nails, we are certain you will find a nail shape that will fit your lifestyle and taste! 

Nail Shapes for Every Style

  • Almond Nails

Almond nails were popular once, and then they seemed to disappear. However, they are one of the hottest nail shapes right now. The shape of this nail fits the name. The nails are rounded at the base with tapered sides and a smooth point, similar to an almond nut. They are perfect if you are looking to make your fingers look longer and slimmer. This nail shape works with any length and is especially stunning with a pale ombre nail design. 

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  • Arrow Nails

Also referred to as arrowhead nails, this design resembles an arrow. Unlike stiletto nails, which are curved along the sides, arrow nails are angular and straight until they end in a sharp point, similar to an arrowhead. This nail shape is not meant for natural nails, so we recommend gel or acrylic nails if you find this nail shape appealing. 

  • Coffin Nails

Otherwise known as ballerina’s nails, coffin-shaped nails are not for the faint of heart. This is one of those nail shapes that are best for those who want to stand out from the crowd. They are extremely popular with those who are drawn to goth and other alternative fashions.

Coffin nails are tapered on the side, and the tip is squared off. This look works best on really long nails and can be achieved with both natural and faux nails. If this nail shape is calling you, you can take this look to the next level with avant-garde nail art such as gemstones and beads.

  • Flare Nails

Out of all the nail shapes, this one is the most difficult to execute, so we recommend visiting your favorite nail artist. Flare napes start with a narrow base and end with a wide edge with a plate between the walls of the side nail that resembles a fan. You can opt for tapered or rounded cuticles.

  • Mountain Peak Nails

Those who prefer mid-length mail will fall in love with this nail shape. Basically, the tips have enough length that they can be filed into a fine point, similar to the peak of a mountain. It is sleeker and shaper than almond nails and works well with muted nail polish. 

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  • Oval Nails

This nail shape is best for those who prefer natural nails. This look has become quite popular due to its simplicity and elegance. Oval nails work best on short to medium-length natural nails. 

  • Round Nails

Round nail shapes are classic and timeless. This nail shape is ideal for those with smaller fingers as it makes your fingers look thinner and longer, as well as widens the nail plate. Rounded nails are also ideal for those who have an active lifestyle, as they will not interfere with typing, applying makeup, and other everyday tasks. 

  • Stiletto Nails

As one of the most popular nail shapes, this look is ideal for those who wish to sport long nails. The nail plate is rather large, which lends to a variety of options for nail designs. These nails are quite long and sharp, so similar to coffin nails; they are not for the faint of heart! However, this style is glamorous and chic and seems to be here to stay!

  • Square Nails

Similar to oval or rounded nail shapes, square nails are ideal for those with a busy lifestyle. The shape is easy to maintain and is less prone to chipping and breaking. While some might say square nails are a thing of the past, we think they are the perfect canvas for pretty nail art!

  • Squoval Nails

Are you torn between square and oval nails? How about a happy compromise? Squoval nails are eternally a “soft square” in which the edges are smooth and rounded. They are actually the perfect nail shape for those who prefer a classic French manicure. As well they are the perfect shape for nail art.

Check out some of the hottest nail shapes below for inspiration!