Treating Erectile Dysfunction while In Pandemic

Charlotte Miller

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Reports show that during the coronavirus lockdown, there has been an increase in the number of men experiencing impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED). Although, even before the pandemic occurred, erectile dysfunction has been around and common among men. All around the world, men of different ages have suffered through this. Men aged 40 and above have the most probability of having ED as ageing is a significant contributor to ED development. As you reach the age of 40, you also gain a 40% chance of experiencing it, and as your age increases, so does this chance increase.

This pandemic has undoubtedly caused people to be stressed, depressed, anxious, and more. This has spiked up people’s desire to drink alcohol and smoke. More so, because going out poses you to a significant risk of contracting the virus, people cannot go out to go to the gym or jog anymore, causing the lack of exercise for people who are uncomfortable working out without complete equipment or who only want to exercise by running or jogging.

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Erectile Dysfunction

ED is the inability of men to stimulate erection and sustain it hard and long enough for sexual intercourse. The concerns mentioned above are usually experienced every day and are common to men. With the ongoing pandemic, these concerns increase because of various triggers such as stress, depression, anxiety, alcohol consumption, and the lack of exercise. All of these are known contributors of erectile dysfunction development as these affect one’s physiological and psychological health. The main components that work to induce an erection are the nervous system, blood flow, muscles, joints, hormones, and emotions. When one of these components is affected, a man will find it challenging to have an erection and thus experience ED.

ED can be temporary or permanent. It depends on what is causing this. Suppose a prior health condition is causing it, such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, etc. In that case, it may require you to tackle and address these health issues first before you can treat your ED. This is why consulting a doctor is essential; you will know your ED’s cause and what treatments you should undergo. If you have started experiencing ED during the pandemic, there are online consultations you can avail of from online men’s health clinics.

Yes. ED is treatable, and although it can be a permanent condition, there are still medications and treatments that you can take whenever you plan to have sexual intercourse. More so, there are lifestyle habits that you can apply to prevent or reverse ED development. This includes a healthy diet, ideal sleeping patterns, and medication to go with it to be more effective. Due to the pandemic and lockdowns, it is quite challenging to go out and get these medicines. However, you can shop from the UK and have these ED-treating medications delivered to your doorstep.

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Most men lose confidence, become depressed, and feel embarrassed when they experience ED. Little do they know, they can put an end to this and treat it. It only takes a few steps to order medication, and these small steps can bring back your confidence, improve your relationship with your partner, and change your life.