Torghast, Tower of the Damned

Charlotte Miller

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WoW is not just a game. It is something bigger. It is a fantasy world with its heroes, myths, and legends. Perfection and forethought conquer millions of hearts over the globe. You are a true fan of this game if you read this article. Rare but global updates, like the last one – Shadowlands – increase the level of concernment. This pack is full of new dungeons. Torghast, Tower of the Damned Carry seems to be the most interesting at all. Let’s review its most important features.

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Cursed Soul’s Prison Torghast

This new game mode was inspired by the Withered Army Training and improved to be more interesting. It is an endless and ever-changing dungeon. Enemies on every next layer will be more powerful, but the hero will become stronger too because of the temporary Anima Powers. This location must be passed to gain Soul Ash currency, which can be used for Legendary Powers craft. Every 60-level hero can carry the dungeon alone or in a team. An integral part of the prison is Twisting Corridors. This mode consists of three blocks of six floors. It is a very complex mission to run corridors and kill the final boss. 

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How to Pass the Jail

There are two ways of dealing with the problematic dungeon. The first is to complete all stages by yourself. It can be an extremely long procedure. However, if you want to make some legendary thing and need currency but are tired of running the never-ending prison again and again, you can order Epiccarry power leveling for Torghast, Tower of the Damned. You can choose the next options: 

  • Unlock the dungeon
  • Open the Corridors
  • Run the layers
  • Pass the different wing

Everything will be done by a real person, without bots. You can play with the professional who will help, or everything can be done for your character. Choose what you need and enjoy the best game in the world!