Top Reasons Why Jasmine Tea Is the Elixir of Health

Charlotte Miller

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Tea is, without a doubt, one of the most popular beverages in the world. However, with so many tea varieties available, it is often difficult to choose the one that will be most tasteful as well as beneficial for your overall physical and mental health.

A tea variety that has gained a lot of popularity lately is jasmine tea. It is made by combining the tea leaves from the camellia sinensis plant with flower petals from the common or Arabian jasmine. This scented tea blend creates a sweet and floral taste with a bright and perfumed aroma making it one of the favorite hot brews among tea lovers.

In addition to its delicious flavor, jasmine tea has also proven to have countless health benefits that provide consumers with an excellent tea-drinking experience.

From having the power to improve the immune system to slowing down the aging process, here are the top five reasons why this flavorful tea is considered the elixir of health.  

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Enhances the immune system

Generally speaking, tea is consumed mostly during chilly winter days when people usually feel under the weather. But, instead of opting for the traditional tea varieties, jasmine tea is an excellent alternative that will help you enhance your immune system and keep you well and healthy at all times.

One reason for that is because this tea blend consists of powerful antiviral and antibacterial properties that can prevent the development of cold or flu symptoms. In fact, it is believed that a hot cup of jasmine tea will deliver a generous dose of antioxidants, more specifically catechins, which will help destroy the free radicals in the body that may weaken the immune system.

Besides these anti-inflammatory properties, jasmine tea is also rich in many vitamins and minerals which are essential in boosting overall immune health. Because the traditional brew usually uses green tea leaves, these nutrients mostly come from there.  

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Protects against severe health conditions

Another reason why jasmine tea should be part of your wellness routine is because it helps protect the body against various severe health conditions. This is mainly due to the presence of the numerous antioxidants that are helpful in maintaining a healthy physical wellbeing.

For example, heart-related issues are very common and can cause serious consequences on a person’s health if they are left untreated. An effective way of protecting yourself from any type of heart disease is to drink a cup of jasmine tea on a daily basis. It is high in polyphenols which have proven to be helpful in protecting the LDL cholesterol from oxidizing as well as reducing the risk of clogging up your blood vessels.  

Also, because this tea’s antioxidant properties such as the ECGC help reduce free radical damage, it is also believed to help lower the risk of certain cancers and suppress the growth and spread of cancer cells.

Helps with weight loss

Since there is no magic bullet for weight reduction, jasmine tea can be a great addition to aid in this process.

If you take a look at the nutritional value of this tea, you will find out that it actually doesn’t have any unless you add milk or sugar to it. In fact, one cup of jasmine tea contains zero calories, fat, carbohydrates, fiber and sugar. That’s why it can also be included as part of your weight loss program to help you lose some extra pounds.

A major reason for that is because traditional jasmine tea is made from green tea leaves which are also well known to be effective in the weight reduction process. They contain catechins that have fat-burning properties which help you increase your metabolic rate. By having a faster metabolism, your body will be able to process more nutrients quickly which will further lead to weight loss.

Relieves stress symptoms

Long workdays or sleepless nights can easily lead to experiencing stress symptoms. A great way to reduce their occurrence is to opt for a hot cup of jasmine tea to help you relax and boost your mood. In fact, one of its most powerful health benefits actually comes from its pleasant aroma which directly impacts the two most important senses you use when drinking this tea.

For example, this tea blend has a perfumed aroma, triggering the release of chemicals and helps the body unwind. One of these is the L-theanine compound which promotes the release of the GABA neurotransmitter that puts you into a relaxed as well as an attentive state.

The second sense which is affected when drinking jasmine tea is taste. This hot brew has a sweet flavor with a fresh finish that perks you up after a long and stressful day.

Benefits the skin

If you are looking for healthy ways to maintain a flawless complexion, then jasmine tea is the perfect option for you. This is because it contains antioxidants, more specifically polyphenols, which have proven to be the most helpful in providing beautiful skin.

For example, these antioxidants are well known to fight against free radicals that can cause damage to your skin. They help by healing and revitalizing your complexion which further helps in slowing down the aging process and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

The polyphenols can also help even out skin pigmentation and minimize fine lines. That’s why this tea blend is often used in the form of a topical oil to cure wounds and scars on the skin.

To get the most of its benefits, you can mix it with green tea and create a face toner to maintain your skin’s elasticity and reduce symptoms of dryness by balancing its moisture levels.

Final thoughts

Jasmine tea is undoubtedly one of the most popular hot beverages among tea lovers. As a result of its delicate flavor and aroma as well as its rich health-boosting properties, this tea blend offers excellent benefits to consumers. From enhancing the immune system and improving heart health to maintaining healthy skin and serving as aromatherapy, the advantages of drinking jasmine tea on a daily basis are endless.

So, if you are looking for a hot brew that basically has it all, make sure you add this flavorful tea blend as part of your wellness routine.