Top Internal Communication Software Your Company Should Have

Charlotte Miller

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Internal communication software promotes effective communication among employees within an organization. Organizations are using internal communication software to improve the employees’ experience. Internal communication software encourages employees to share their ideas and opinions so that they feel valued. When employees are actively engaged, they are motivated to work harder. This helps maintain employee retention.   

According to a study conducted by IBM, 72% of employees don’t understand their organization’s strategy due to poor internal communication. An effective internal communication software makes sure that your employees understand your strategies and work towards the common goals. A good internal communication software brings the top management and employees together and boosts employee engagement and productivity.   

We have identified the 10 best internal communication software tools that will help your organization to maintain consistent employee communication and move closer to a more collaborative and engaged workplace.  

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  1. Clariti  

Clariti brings all communications to one place including emails, chats, calendar events, to-dos, and calls. Clariti also connects all related communications as if it is one conversation. There is no need to shift between many apps and there is no need to stress trying to remember all the connected conversations in memory. Clariti eliminates the need to search across many apps looking for information and makes it very easy to see the big picture without any effort. Clariti allows you to put any item such as email, conference chat, social feeds, and To-Do inside a TopicFolder. All the subsequent related conversations are automatically stored in that TopicFolder. Few months down the line, when you want to go back and refer to a prior conversation or file, all you have to do is look inside the relevant TopicFolder. In Clariti, no matter what was discussed and when it was discussed, you will be able to see the big picture in one view. This is not possible with other digital communication apps.  

Clariti is ideal for small and medium businesses to boost team collaboration and drive productivity. It is securely hosted on Amazon Web Services, providing total reliability, 100% uptime, and trusted security of all your workday data. Clariti is a free cloud-based tool that can be accessed from anywhere with a browser and internet connection.  

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  1. Brosix   

Brosix is an integrated collaboration platform that helps small to large enterprises streamline communication between internal departments via messaging. It enables users to text multiple team members using chat rooms and deliver announcements across contacts through broadcasting capabilities. Key features of Brosix include file encryption, data import/export, whiteboard, status tracking, customizable branding, permission management and database administration. It allows team members to share compressed files, voice recordings and screenshots of browsing history with colleagues. Additionally, it offers mobile applications for iOS and Android devices, which lets users categorize contact lists into groups, receive notifications of new messages and access chat history to track previous conversations.  

  1. Pronto   

As an all-in-one communication platform. Pronto connects teams across organizations via chat and video to streamline communication across different work environments. Designed as a mobile-first solution, Pronto lets users communicate with other team members from anywhere, anytime. Key features include real-time chat, group video chat, announcements, message translations, document storage and sharing, task management, and accessibility tools. Pronto allows users to stay on top of all organization communication such as emergency alerts, events, and other information. Pronto is available for mobile devices via an iOS and Android app.  

  1. Happeo  

Happeo is an intranet software focused on improving internal communications. It integrates exclusively with G Suite and provides users with content management capabilities, employee engagement analytics, permission management and the rest of the Google tools suite. Happeo brings together an intranet, collaborative features and social networking into one unified solution. Users can directly embed or link to documents, forms, files, spreadsheets, calendars, and social media feeds, into pages. Happeo provides a mobile application (iOS/Android).   

  1. Spike  

Spike is a collaboration management software designed to help businesses communicate with teams across multiple departments and locations via email, chat and notes on a unified inbox. The platform enables organizations to create, edit and share dynamic notes and receive notifications for modifications, feedback and other updates. It offers a host of features such as message history, voice meetings, video conferencing, data encryption and more. Additionally, teams can add comments, view to-do lists, monitor updates and interact with stakeholders via a centralized inbox.  

  1. Smarp   

Smarp is a cloud-based communication platform designed to help businesses manage employee engagement and share information with external and internal stakeholders. The solution comes with a news feed functionality, which lets employees subscribe to various topics and view news or industry trends. The solution offers a host of features such as content archive, comments, discussion forums, gamification, data filtering, URL tracking and more. Additionally, the system allows employees to earn points for creating, sharing and clicking on content. It supports integration with various third-party systems such as Zapier, RSS feeds, LinkedIn and Facebook.   

  1. PoliteMail   

PoliteMail is a cloud-based and on-premise internal communication solution, which assists midsize to large organizations with email management and distribution. Key features include responsive designs, custom branding, feedback collection, receiver list management, and analytics. PoliteMail integrates with third-party applications such as Microsoft Outlook/Exchange and Office 365.   

  1. Vibe   

Vibe allows internal communication teams to inform, engage and inspire their people with an easy-to-use communication delivery platform. An extensive library of professionally designed templates allows teams to create attractive branded content with minimal time and effort. Using Vibe you can communicate with deskless and deskbound workers with ease to achieve cut-through and influence long-term change.  

  1. Yac  

Yac is a quick and easy way to communicate asynchronously with your team. No more wasteful back-to-back meetings, just yac voice or context-rich screen shares on your own time and reclaim your day. Its features include voice messaging, screen sharing, transcriptions play head speed controls generating sharable links forwarding voice notes channels.  

  1. Cerkl Broadcast  

Cerkl Broadcast is a forward-thinking, cross-channel employee communications suite. Built with internal communicators in mind, this suite provides unified content distribution in one click. From one centralized location, users can measure internal communication efforts for employee emails, intranet, mobile app, and Microsoft Teams.   

We hope the internal communication tools that we have identified above will help you to reach your entire workforce to keep them engaged and productive by communicating in real-time, sharing company announcements, the latest policy updates, milestones, and more. Sign up today and let us know about your experience.