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“What is learned with fun and pleasure is never forgotten!” 

Toys are kids’ first friends when they come into this world. They talk with them, play around all the time, and even sleep with them, holding them tight in their arms. But have you ever noticed that kids learn something new from these toys apart from fun and happiness every day? Yes! It’s true that toys indeed happen to be the first mode of learning in children. You will be surprised to know that toys as basic as vibrant rattles trained our two-month-olds to grasp, shake and make sounds. Toys offer our children an immediate involvement with the outside world. Since toys develop learning capabilities in children, these toys are known as kids educational toys, and nowadays, there is a wide variety of these toys available in the market. Each toy conveys a different message and inherits a unique skill set in the children. In this article, we will study different categories of educational games and toys that provide your infant with basic foundational skills and enjoyment.  

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Kids get fascinated by bright colors, different shapes, and sounds that are new to them. This is why they love to be around their toys all the time. With the introduction of educational toys, the cognitive abilities of kids are enhanced at an early age, and these toys hold the capacity to stimulate their grey matter. Planning to nurture your child with educational learning toys? We are here with the list of top educational toys for kids that will engage your toddlers with something more creative and increase their intellectual power.  

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Building blocks are one of the most initial toys we purchase for our kids, unaware of their intellectual capabilities. You might ponder what a kid can probably grasp by just building some blocks or stacking objects? This simple stacking and arranging assist them with molding their creative mind, showing how an errand is finished, and developing interrogating skills in them. Most importantly, building blocks amplify hand-eye coordination in kids, developing their motor skills and cognitive abilities. Isn’t it astonishing to watch small children build castles and beautiful monuments out of those basic blocks? Well, that’s just the power of construction play. 

Also, you can consider jellycat that is one of the best toys that make your kids happy.

2. Develop Imagination Power: PRETEND PLAY TOYS 

Kids love pretending and playing different roles. They love to act as teachers, doctors, chefs or even mimic their own parents. Get your kid a kitchen set, and you will be flabbergasted with the way they copy you. Ask them to serve you a cup of tea, and you will see a mirror image of yourself, as your kid will mock you in their own mini kitchen. Variety of pretend play toys gets sold out every day in the market, from doctor set to kitchen set, teacher sets to mechanic tools. These toys provide a real-life experience of different roles to your child right from home. Along with magnifying physical activeness in the child, these toys are also known to improve critical problem-solving skills in kids.  

3. Develop Artistic Skills: CREATIVE ART AND CRAFT KITS 

Who doesn’t love art and creativity? Even we as kids used to love playing with colors and craft papers. For some people, art is their passion and means of earning. Try giving your kids a paper, a kit of colors, and child-safe scissors, and you will be amazed to see how these little hands create exotic arts from it. Parents should always appreciate their child’s creativity as it will motivate them to polish their artistic skills and develop a good hobby of doing something creative every day, which also sharpens their mental capacity for innovation. Every kid loves to draw different shapes as it can be seen on the walls of the home in their early stages. To maintain their interest in the creative field, there are a variety of art and craft kids educational toys available in the market. Choose wisely according to the age of the child.  

4. Develop emotional and social skills: MUSICAL TOYS 

Music is the form of art that stimulates emotional sentiments in humans. Different forms of music generate different feelings and energy levels. It also helps increase memory power and enhance social skills in the growing child. Buy them a toy musical instrument and watch them play it with joy and fun every day. Xylophones, toy guitars, flutes, pianos, and trumpets are some of the famous musical toys loved by children. The vibrant colors and relaxing sounds they produce engage kids for hours. There are even mechanical musical toys where kids learn to build an instrument of their own.  

5. Develop Fast Calculation Skills: MATHEMATICAL TOYS 

Children learn fast when they are in a fun mood, especially when it comes to abstract mathematics concepts. Maths is a subject that comes into play in our everyday lives. We cannot resist numbers at any time in our life. Playing with numbers and finding the concept behind them increase their logical reasoning power and advance their mathematics skills as well. Math toys for kids are the best way to achieve cognitive abilities from the very start.  


In a nutshell, educational toys for kids provide better scope for learning. They are the building blocks of a child’s learning abilities and help recognize their inherent talents. They provide a way to hone different skills, all while having fun. Gift these simple yet innovative kids educational toys listed above from a wide range of toys available at Smartivity, which provides the best educational toys in India. Become a part of your child’s learning stage with Smartivity and let them engage in the innovation world of their own.