Top digital marketing myths busted!

Charlotte Miller

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“Digital marketing is only for big businesses!”

“It is an unnecessary expense to keep up with.”

“One-time investment in SEO is enough to get the business up and running”

“Their business is running great because of their one viral post!”

The answer to all of these statements is a big fat NO!

There are a lot of myths related to digital marketing. And these perceptions hit a lot of businesses from growing to their full potential. Did you know? over 70% of the population researches about a company to make a well-planned purchase. It includes any small goods to massive services. 

Here are some of the myths that require to be broken so you know the actual truth and make well-informed decisions,

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Myth #1 – Digital marketing is a costly affair. 

Many of the digital marketing companies out there are more affordable to your pocket than the expenses you waste on other sections of the business. As per a recommendation, you’re only required to spend 8% of the business’s revenue on digital marketing. That is equivalent to the stationary expenses you’d incur.

Not only the large corporations, but many small and medium scale firms apply digital marketing for their organic growth. Every section of every industry is on the digital platform to be recognised and heard; the digital marketing team supports taking your business up on the top. You are not necessarily required to hire people and form a team. You can also subscribe to many service platforms that do so.

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Myth #2 – Emails are passe!

Email marketing is also a kind of digital marketing where you get to interact with the masses on a personal level. The Return on investment for emails is 4200%! This means, for every dollar you invest, you get 42 dollars of ROI. Email marketing is more engaging than any other platform. 61% of the people like to receive weekly offers & promotional emails.

And finding the contacts of new prospects is easier than the previous age. You don’t need to collect the addresses physically or through contacting any audience. AI-powered websites like have an extensive database to serve you the contacts. It answers your questions about how to find the email addresses. This freemium website also has an extension to Linkedin account so, fetching contacts through this social media platform is simple.

Myth #3 – There isn’t anything called the target audience.

There is a common myth that there is no specific target audience or have a broader audience that not everyone can cater to. This is true only to an extent. Social media does have a broader audience. There are people from different classes and sections of society, so it is evident that they have varied interests. However, to consider that you can’t find your target is incorrect.

There are several active groups on social media with similar interests. Pages, Groups and Hashtags bring them all together. It is not easy to get one’s attention as there is a gazillion pieces of content out there. You need to be consistent with the posts and advertising for the people to take notice of you. It is not a piece of cake to go viral, and it definitely isn’t easy to maintain it once you are.


Whatever your concern is, it can be addressed by a digital marketing expert. And they will give you better insights and understandings about how to improve your business. All you need to do is approach and ask.