Top 9 Tips For Fantastic Candid Photography

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Top 9 Tips For Fantastic Candid Photography

The best way to tell a story unvarnished is through candid photos. Such pictures are real, so they mesmerize the eye. But how do you take candid photos, because it’s so hard? Today we will tell you what you can do to get the most candid pictures. It has nothing to do with the work of the paparazzi. 

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1. Always Take Your Camera With You

Your camera should be your constant companion. If you see an opportunity to take a candid photo, you can simply press the button to turn it on. Point-and-shoot is great for such occasions. It takes up little space, so you’ll be comfortable. If you don’t have one, don’t feel bad. Cameras on modern smartphones are very good, so use them!

Also, if you take pictures of friends or family, they can get used to you carrying a camera around with you all the time. That’s why they won’t be nervous or shy, and you’ll get perfect photos.

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2. Use a long focal length

The farther away you are from your subject, the less attention he will pay to the fact that you are shooting him. That’s why we recommend shooting with a long lens – such as a 135mm prime, an 18-200mm zoom, or a 70-200mm zoom.

However, many people are suspicious of long lenses. There is nothing strange about it, as it is immediately associated with paparazzi who brazenly pry into the lives of those around them. If you notice that this can be a problem for the people around you, use the most compact zoom.

3. Turn Off The Flash

How can you show that you’re taking a photo right away? By taking them with the flash, of course! That way the people around you will know right away that they are being photographed, and the amazing moment will be missed. 

A lot of people ask what to do if you are shooting in a dimly lit area. We advise you to do the following:

  • Increase the ISO value;
  • Open the aperture;
  • Decrease the shutter speed.

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4. Take A Lot Of Shots

Don’t be afraid to take a whole series of pictures. You may not like most of them, but one or two can be real gems. If you decide to follow our advice, then set your camera to burst mode and your chances multiply.

5. Photograph People Doing Things

Even if your subject is ready to be photographed, that doesn’t mean you can take candid photos. However, there is a small nuance. When a person does nothing, he subconsciously begins to watch his posture and facial expression. 

It is much better if you take pictures of a subject who is doing something. He will be focused on this activity, so the face and pose will not be tense. Also, this way you can show part of the story.

6. Shoot People With People

A picture with only one person in it can be candid. However, if there are more people, the real magic begins to happen.

You can make a perfect photo if your subjects interact: talking, singing, laughing, dancing, and doing the same thing. However, this is not necessary at all. Sometimes you can take pictures of strangers, and the photo will look like a separate exciting story.

7. Shoot From The Hip 

Sounds like an action movie, doesn’t it? But it is a phrase you can repeat to yourself if you want to go unnoticed. But it is a phrase you can repeat to yourself if you want to go unnoticed. Here is an algorithm for action you should follow:

  • Choose a wide lens (35mm is an option);
  • Set your camera shutter to its quietest setting;
  • Position the camera as low as possible (near your hip or on your chest);
  • Slowly press the button to take your pictures (don’t forget the burst mode).

It is through such actions that you have the opportunity to take really candid pictures. Your subject will not even suspect that he or she is being shot, so he or she will behave as naturally as possible.

8. Change Your Perspective

To take candid photos, you have to work hard. Of course, you can always keep the camera at eye level and hope to get lucky. However, you can always shoot from above or below, climb a ladder or sit on the ground. It’s not difficult, but it’s effective.

9. Take Posed Shots Into Candid Territory

It sounds counterintuitive, but when you want to take candid photos during a formal photo shoot, the result will be wonderful. As long as the model is focused on the other photographer, she will not pay attention to you, which means that she will behave naturally in between shots. You can also capture the communication between the model and the other photographer. The shots will be gorgeous!

Final Words

You got all the advice you needed, so grab your camera and get to work! We’re sure that in a couple of days you’ll get incredible candid photos that the whole world will appreciate. And if you’re using a smartphone, read about the best filter apps for iPhone on Skylum’s blog. We are sure that this information will be useful for anyone who wants to edit pictures