Top 7 Reasons Fleet Managers should use a GPS Tracking System.

Charlotte Miller

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Every business, either small or large companies, has a single goal; what is that?  Make profit! Making huge profits becomes the only goal of every company. 

How to make this massive profit in your business? The answer is simple: cut down the unwanted hidden expenses and increase your fleet’s efficiency to make a profit. How to bring this efficiency to your fleet?

To hear this may feel simple to all of us, but executing the plans becomes difficult. Is there any easy task to achieve your goal? Here is an easy way to decrease unwanted expenses and increase fleet efficiency. 

Tip: Have you ever thought of fixing a GPS device in your fleet? Most of your answers will be ‘NO.’ From now on, think about it.

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Top 7 Reasons why Fleet Managers should use a GPS Tracking System in their Fleet. 

Increasing profit, is that the only thing done by GPS? NO! There is enormous usage of a GPS system and employee time tracking. Know precisely why and what are the reasons that a fleet manager should use a GPS tracking system

  • Improve the safety of both vehicles and drivers

Every fleet manager’s daily task list includes ensuring fleet and driver safety. How is it possible for a fleet manager to ensure both fleet and drivers outside of an organization? First, What is going to happen on the road to ensure safety? 

Drivers face a lot of danger on the road. Driving at night becomes a nightmare to many drivers; many robberies happen on highways. We know drivers are poor at maintaining their health, which turns them into dangerous accidents like backbone pain, sudden fatigue, etc. 

How come a vehicle tracking system helps you to improve safety? GPS vehicle tracking system provides you with a platform to monitor your vehicle’s live location, which helps the fleet managers make sure the vehicle moves in the right direction and both vehicle and driver are safe. 

If any accidents occur, the vehicle tracking system sends an instant notification to the fleet managers. Also, Fleet operators have an option to turn off the ignition if needed in any area.   

TIP: If you want to increase the safety of your fleet, make your drivers feel safe; significantly, your fleet safety will be improved. 

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  • Improve fleet efficiency 

How tracking trucks help you to improve fleet efficiency? Using the FUEL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, you can easily track the vehicles and the assets, which increases the visibility factor. 

Fleet managers no longer have to depend on driver calls for updates, maintenance, and vehicle records to keep track of fleet operations. 

Fleet managers can instantly view GPS tracking reports on vehicle performance. By these vehicle tracking performance reports, one can identify the vehicle are overused or underused. 

  • Real-time tracking 

The significant reason for installing a GPS vehicle tracking system in your fleet is to track instantly. This real-time tracking helps us plan the trips, cancel, or alter the routes to prevent delays and down-time. With this real-time location, you can always make sure the vehicle moves in the right direction at the right speed. Hence, the dependency between drivers and fleet operators is minimized. 

Apart from the location, GPS tracking devices provide you with location history, distance traveled, the route traveled, parking status, moving, and idle status. 

  • Theft prevention 

Still facing theft and robbery activities are the biggest fear for fleet operators and drivers. There are many unsolved cases where both drivers and vehicles are disappeared from the highway. The chance of theft and robberies are always higher on highways.

How does a GPS tracking system help to prevent theft and robbery activities? GPS vehicle tracking system sends the alert notifications whenever the ignition turns on and off. Also, fleet operators have an option to turn off the ignition if any unauthorized access is deducted. 

  • Speed monitoring and accident prevention

There can be a lot of reasons for truck drivers to be involved in accidents. 20% of accidents are due to trucks, and 71% of them end as fatal accidents. 

Aggressive and over-speeding driving habits of truck drivers make them involve in road accidents. Fleet operators should train their drivers to avoid road accidents; is that enough? No!

GPS devices provide you with a platform to monitor the speed of the vehicle; with this data, fleet operators can give a direct alert to the driver to drive slow. In this speed monitoring report fleet operators, also get harsh break reports and driving style reports. 

  • Reduce fuel cost and travel time 

Fuel cost occupies a major area in fleet expenditure. Reducing unnecessary mileage, idling hours, and preventing fuel theft can reduce the fuel cost.  

Routes are another factor in fuel efficiency. Route planning systems help companies plan and schedule destination routes, Which help them travel on the shortest path, saving them a vast amount of fuel cost. 

  • Make a profit 

A recent survey by many GPS providers says approximately 76% of fleet businesses experienced an improvement in productivity just by implementing GPS Truck tracking system in the fleet. 

Installing GPS trackers may cost you a few hundred dollars, which saves you from losing thousands of dollars. Installing GPS devices improves efficiency by lowering fleet expenditures.  These are the seven essential reasons why fleet managers need to install GPS devices in their fleet.