Top 5 Best Music Streaming Platforms

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Top 5 Best Music Streaming Platforms

Music is evolving, and the way in which you interact with music should evolve, too. Gone are the days when we only relied on music-centered channels such as MTV and Channel V, as music streaming platforms offer the freedom to curate our own playlists and listen to artists with whom we feel drawn. 

Developments of applications that engage the user and provide more flexibility in terms of payment have also enabled artists to create music that they truly feel passionate about instead of generating what is bound to be popular as dictated by key industry players. Consequently, effective music streaming platforms also offer people the ability to share playlists and connect to other individuals with the same taste in music. For these reasons, determining effective and affordable music subscriptions for yourself is key. 

Top Picks for Best Music Streaming Services

Music does wonders to enrich all human interactions. The value of music dominates all seasons, whether the mood is somber, blissful, or depressive. Therefore, it is important to have the best resources for streaming and discovering music. 

Not only does the following list consist of widely used platforms, but these applications also provide the most flexibility and value for money in case of a subscription. 

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Spotify’s main appeal is that each artist, whether international or local, is available on its platform. Therefore, whether you are looking for international pop music or are trying to help your local musician friend out by streaming their music, you can do all that on Spotify.

Consequently, using a reliable proxy service provider, the range of artists with which you can connect further widens as you will be able to reach content banned in your country. Get a special offer on the best Spotify proxy to improve your user experience. 

Another appeal of Spotify is flexible payment options. There are four payment plans to choose from: individual, family, duo, and student. 

Some of the features of Spotify include:  

  • Autoplay
  • Playing music stored on your device
  • Offline listening
  • Shuffle feature
  • Sharing music with others
  • Lyrics for each song 

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Apple Music

Apple Music is an audio, video, and music streaming site. The application bears many similarities to Spotify, as it also allows sharing of music and playlists across users that interact with the platform. Additionally, the platform offers a variety of features that support artists, enabling them to create and share their work with the rest of the world. 

Some of the features available on Apple Music include: 

  • A customizable library screen
  • The ability to combine Apple Music with iTunes
  • A wide array of artists, music, and albums
  • Lyrics to songs 


SoundCloud is an online music and audio distribution site that allows users to upload, listen to, promote and share audio. The platform is popular among up-and-coming artists attempting to garner a significant following. The site enables artists to reach out to international listeners, build a community, and generate income. The site also encourages its users to explore new artists by recommending songs based on their preferences. To enhance your interface experience further, use BestProxyFinder to locate a suitable proxy provider. 

Depending on the plan you choose, some of the features available on SoundCloud include: 

  • Offline listening
  • Ad-free experience on selected plans
  • Access to the site’s entire catalog 
  • High-quality audio 

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is a music streaming service developed by YouTube, offering some unique features compared to the platforms listed above. YouTube Music is subservient to Google and provides a tailored interface that allows users to browse through songs and music videos categorized by genre. YouTube Music also curates and suggests specific mixes and playlists depending on the user’s recent searches, tastes, and liked content.

Features of YouTube Music include: 

  • Ability to switch from video to audio-only mode
  • Download and listen offline
  • Ad-free music depending on the plan
  • Notification of new albums
  • Simple playlist management
  • Predetermined playlists based on mood and genre 


Boomplay is a media streaming and downloading site first launched in Nigeria in 2015. The platform mainly focuses on African music but also offers international content. 

Boomplay’s features include: 

  • Unlimited downloads
  • Good audio quality
  • No ads depending on the subscription 

Key Takeaways

Listening to music is now an experience you can tailor to your needs instead of waiting on mainstream media to spoon-feed you a limited selection of artists. The platforms mentioned here offer features and payment plans that allow you to create a musical experience unique to your personality and preferences.