Top 5 Best DeFi Projects and Coins

Charlotte Miller

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Top 5 Best DeFi Projects and Coins

There are five relatively simple platforms to step into DeFi. The first thing you need to note is that a simple DeFi platform requires a basic understanding of crypto and the inherent risks involved in using DeFi. Today in this blog we will discuss some of the products that are capable of representing solid entry points:

Colony Lab

In DeFi projects first, we will talk about the Colony project. A colony is a forward-looking, community-driven fund. It’s a project that’s already supported and invested by the Avalanche Foundation, so it’s essentially an avalanche project. Simply put, a colony is a set of smart contracts that provide a framework for the tasks required to be performed in an organization. This project completes the funding, as well as the ownership, structure, and authority of all organizations online. So, the first thing to start with is the tokens that you need to have. The people who are into DeFi might also interested in other cryptocurrencies assuming that it is untraceable but some are still asking if bitcoin is truly anonymous .

DeFi applications, such as Colony, live on the network with the native token. These tokens can be identified through a ticker symbol used on exchanges. After you have purchased the tokens, keep them in a wallet that is controlled by you and capable of supporting the colony as well. Transaction fees can be high if you use the token to move funds around so you should choose the network with the lowest fee. And at the same time, also make sure whether it is a correct network, you should always be careful in terms of the network. Doing detection can be a good way so that you do not fall into any scam easily. On the network, there are a variety of services available that you may encounter, and the most popular of these is in the form of a decentralized exchange. If you do not want to earn interest, liquidity can also be provided instead or money can be lent from which interest can be charged.

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PancakeSwap is available as a DEX built on the Binance blockchain. There is no borrowing and lending facility in Pancake Swaps, but there are lots of bets and opportunities to provide liquidity. Speaking of Binance, it has historically had immoderate low transaction fees, producing it as an apologetic and fruitful DeFi platform.


SushiSwap is available as a sole DEX. It is fully unitized into the blockchain, making it more versatile. The user experience on Sushi Swap is very akin to that of Pancake Swap, but they also exist with a wider suite of offers on offer for any one-of-a-kind explorations.

Anchor Protocol

Speaking of the Anchor protocol, it has emerged as the first and more user-optimized form of the non-DEX recommended DeFi platform. Anchor has the tippets and most stationary APY, Annual Percentage Yield when compare to any supplementary protocol. There are some APYs out there too, but they have mostly been seen to be volatile. If we talk about the APY of Anchor, it is consistently at 20%, which is very high by the standards of most TradeFi. Anchor is built on Terra’s blockchain.

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Yearn Finance

Year Finance was started and sung by Andre Cronje, the creator of DeFi. He is mostly referred to as such, essentially because he was the first to introduce DeFi as a service. Year’s platform featured some high APYs, but the entire process turned out to be less user-optimized. Ethereum Yearn was introduced primarily for the blockchain protocol, resulting in high gas transaction fees.  There are several other blockchains that Irene has expanded into, including things like Binance and Avalanche, both of them can provide very cheap transaction fees. Whenever you dive into it, you must first research it thoroughly.