Top 5 Basement Waterproofing Myths

Charlotte Miller

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Many owners of the home have second opinions as soon as it comes to fitting a waterproofing system for the basements. A few of them also wonder whether installing the waterproofing systems is worth their money considering that the basements are barely visible. This notion sometimes results in myths that, sequentially, deteriorate people’s worries.

In reality, among the most common whys and wherefores, several people contact professional servicers to clarify all myths about basement waterproofing.

From expenses to alternatives, professionals have heard nearly every myth of basement waterproofing out there. In order to assist you, look at this website. Also here are a few common myths regarding basement waterproofing professionals would like to put to rest:

Top 5 Myths About Basement Waterproofing

Being an owner of the home is a key responsibility. This can be very stressful to correspond to the demands of possessing a home, however, in case you are having ongoing problems you are avoiding, this can lead to even further damage.

This’s particularly true as soon as it comes to the basement waterproofing facilities. There’re plenty of misconceptions or myths about fixing the basement. The post contains the top 5 common basement waterproofing service myths people talk about often…


Sump Pumps Installation In The Basement Will Be Expensive

Some of the simplest waterproofing systems depend on the expected outlines of the land to transmit water. On the other hand, the sump pump system is a way modern take on the basement waterproofing system.

This uses automatically powered pumps so that it can push water from the basement to the outside drainages.

This makes the sump pumps operative even with the underground basements. Inappropriately, this similar feature is the reason several individuals believe that sump pumps are very expensive.

But the truth is that sump pumps entail extra costs only during their installation process. The money savings you will get from rarer repairs, as well as fewer risks of structural mutilation, can help to compensate for this expense.

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All Basements Are Similar

This misconception is an extremely common misunderstanding among several homeowners out there. This’s the main reason why several homeowners wonder why their basement waterproofing might cost extra or less than their neighbour’s. As soon as waterproof the basement, experts have to consider several factors like the depth of the basement, the overall weather of your area, your remoteness from the nearest water body, and so many more.

For instance, in case you’re very near a river or lake, waterproofing servicers may recommend that you should install a hybrid system. The hybrid system is a mixture of numerous waterproofing keys that work together. Thus, one can realize why waterproofing of the basement can be further complicated for a few basements as compared to others.

The Single Thing Matters Is What Is On The Inside

As soon as people think about basement waterproofing, they often consider only the systems in their basement. They frequently overlook the circumstance that waterproofing the basement comes in handy with other outside waterproofing systems of their houses.

This blunder can put to excess all your efforts in installing the basement waterproofing system. Expert water proofers make sure other parts of the house are water-proofed before inspiring you to waterproof the basement. Or else, water can get into the basement from other parts.

Basement Waterproofing is Very Expensive

Every single basement waterproofing task is quite different from each other. But prices of those jobs are principally reliant on the level of job that’s being done.

Whereas smaller tasks tend to have a regular price of around $700 to $800 for each 100 sq. ft., servicers typically provide a discount on entire basement waterproofing facilities.

Irrespective of the cost, the peace of mind you will get as soon as the waterproofing task is complete matters the most. It is an investment that’s well worth the money.

No Need Of Taking Professional Help For The Basement Waterproofing Job

Homeowners have several reasons why they’d want to install a waterproofing system on their own instead of going for professional help.  Some believe that appointing a professional just entails extra needless costs. On the other hand, some people believe that there’s no way an expert can do a better job than them.

Nevertheless, several people are ignorant that expert water proofers are professionals that experience extensive training for the job they do. They can recognize susceptibilities in your house that can find the middle ground for the safety of your house and family.

DIY basement waterproofing is similarly often less operative than the professionally done ones. Therefore, they can cost you further money in the long run.


Hopefully, we have made you aware of some of the most common myths about basement waterproofing. In case you get signs that your basement needs waterproofing then do not delay and take action immediately.