Top 4 mis-conceptions about Art Jamming!

Charlotte Miller

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Art knows no prejudice at all, nor does it know any boundaries. In short, it does not have any judgment because sometimes, rules can destroy genius and art. 

Some have considered art jamming to be the purest of all art forms. The reason behind this is that not only does it allow you to be expressive in general but also empowers you to feel confident enough to interact through your creativity. It is a beautiful way to put your art ideas out into the world by first showing and collaborating with your loved ones, friends, and colleagues. 

Ever since the dawn of time, art has been degraded, and there is not much information about most art forms which paves the way for rumors that eventually turn into myths. Art enthusiasts have recently just started debunking them so that the future generation can take more of an interest in various art forms. For example, art jamming is an art form where people come together from all walks of life to create art with no criticism. Listed below are some myths about Art Jamming and art jamming workshops. 

Myth#1: Art Jamming is Expensive; Nope!

It may serve as quite a surprise, but any type of art jamming is not expensive to the point of being reserved only for elite class people. Art studios and art jamming workshops around the globe usually offer a 2-hour session in a studio for an average amount of $25-30 US dollars. Many tools and customized features are included in the price mentioned before, such as paints, paintbrushes, canvases, and much more. You can also contact the studio beforehand to cater to your customized needs, like excess of one kind of paint or a particular type of canvas. All in all, art jamming is not expensive, especially considering its benefits and the guidance provided by professionals. 

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Myth#2: Some Experience in Art is Required; Are You Serious?

The primary goal of art jamming is to create a safe place for yourself and your peers to express themselves artistically. Art is not bound by anything; there are no rules, and hence no experience is required. Saying art jamming requires some knowledge is like saying you need to be clean before taking a bath. Plain Stupid! Because no one can define art. Art jamming is a way to bear what’s inside of ourselves on a canvas and showcase it. It is a way for you to interact with your peers, devoid of fear of judgment and failure. No experience is required other than a half-functioning brain. (And sometimes even that is too much)

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Myth#3: You Have to Clean Up Everything? Uh No!

Ironically the one thing stopping us from creating mind-blowing pieces and art is the fear of the mess made while executing it. If you also have this particular problem, then boy do I have good news for you! No, you do not have to clean up after yourself while art jamming your way to happiness. No studio or workshop expects you to clean up after yourself. But do not misunderstand, it is nice to clean up stuff after yourself, like putting the paintbrushes and paint cans aside, but that is not what is being discussed here. 

All of the art has its own expressive power, and sometimes being messy with paint is okay. Artists especially know how things can go out of hand while painting about something you love, adore and cherish. So, cleaning up the stains and paint splashed floor should be the least of your worries. The only thing that art jamming studio owners want you to worry about is your canvas. 

Myth#4: The Canvas Isn’t Yours to Keep; Dude, C’mon!

 I agree that many artists crave shout-outs and publicity and it does not help that most artists are known for their sneaky ways of stealing ideas, but art jamming is not like that. In art jamming, you are simply just given a space to flourish and reveal your inner thoughts and creativity. You only have to pay the entrance fee after which you can have fun and paint with your peers. At the end of the day, you can choose to take the canvas home or ask the owners to temporarily or permanently display it. The choice is all yours. Some art jamming workshops and studios do not have a display area, so you might not be able to ask them to showcase it there. The point being, your created art is yours to do as however you please!