Tooth-hurty: Is it time to get Dental Crowns?

Charlotte Miller

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Teeth are one of the most important parts of any person’s face as this not only helps us digest food better by breaking it up into smaller parts, but it also contributes to their overall look. Nevertheless, teeth need a lot of care just as any other body part would need, and a lack would put them at risk of being affected. One of the solutions to any teeth-related problems would be the dental crown. Fortunately, many clinics offer them such as the Dental Crowns at Casco Bay Smiles. However, it would be important to know what dental crowns are, when you need them and how they are applied.

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What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a crown specifically designed to be placed on your teeth, and this is a very strong solution to restore your teeth. What this essentially does is that it covers the entire tooth after it has been damaged due to certain possibilities such as trauma caused by contact sports. Dental crowns also restrain the damaged tooth from causing any damage to the other parts of the mouth. These “tooth implants” come in many different materials, ranging from the lesser-known composite resins and zirconias to the more commonly used metals and porcelains that are famous today.

Two types of dental crowns exist today which are temporary and permanent. The temporary crown is just as what people would expect it to be from its name. It is merely an implant that is non permanently placed on the damaged tooth. However, it would still function normally, but the downside to these implants would be their durability. Seeing that it is only temporary, this does not compare to the permanent dental crown as this can physically last you between five and fifteen years.

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When is it time to get a Dental Crown?

As mentioned before, dental crowns are used to restore your teeth and also to protect the mouth from any further damage. This would mean that the tooth needs to have been damaged in some way possible. These damages range from cracks in teeth caused by physical trauma to even something as natural as a severely worn down tooth caused by the food and drink that an individual would consume.

Another possibility allowing for a dental crown is if the individual has had root canal therapy or a previous dental implant that has been placed, and these may need the support of a dental crown to keep it strong.

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How are dental crowns implanted by doctors?

The process of getting a dental crown would ultimately rely on the health of the tooth in question. Depending on the severity, an individual might need to set two or even three appointments to complete the procedures and fully recover from the said procedures. Another important factor in receiving a dental crown is that the implant is made and adjusted to fit the tooth that has been affected.

Dental crowns are one of the more prominent procedures for the health and care of teeth, and it would be safe to say that this is an option to consider for any problems of this nature. Be sure to contact the best dental clinic to receive a dental crown today!