Tips to Add Additional Earnings in Your Paycheck Stubs

Charlotte Miller

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This is a regular occurrence. One person skips a shift and the other works in his place overtime. This happens so frequently, you have lost track of how many times it has happened during a particular month. Then, when payday arrives, your staff goes helter-skelter with details of how this is to be done.

This is impossible to be done manually. If done so, there are high chances of errors, omissions, and eventually, the conflict concerning the way your employee or staffs creates a paystub. For these additional earnings, you will need a paystub generator that checks stub makers and makes sure there is no chance of conflict or errors in the paystubs.

What are the various types of additional earnings?

Additional earnings are earnings over and above your employee’s usual salary, wages, or pay rates. However, tips paid time off and commissions your employees receive are considered as a part of your employee’s gross pay.

On the other hand, additional earnings could be bonuses, payment for overtime, or severance pay. Here are some additional earning types-

  • Advances on salary pay
  • Awards
  • Bonuses
  • Extended FMLA paid leave
  • Paid sick leaves for dependent care or self
  • Custom earnings
  • Pay as per company norms for overtime hours
  • Holiday pay

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How to depict the additional earnings in the pay stubs

These earnings are not a part of your employee’s gross earnings but have to be included in the paystub maker. This ensures the paystub is accurate and that the W2 form online is filled in correctly.

How you can add additional earnings to your pay stubs-

This is quite easy with the help of a pay stub maker. In fact, many pay stub makers also allow you to generate your paystubs on your phone. Here is how you can do so-

  1. Sign-in into your account
  2. Click on the ‘create pay stub option and give the required information
  3. Enter all basic company information like earning info, employee info, and company info.
  4. Opt for additional earnings and deductions and click on the Additional earnings link
  5. Select the type of additional earning from a drop-down menu and enter the amount of money you need to pay for each employee.
  6. Review all your data
  7. Complete the order
  8. Download the paystub 
  9. Send a copy directly to each concerned employee

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Wrap up

Managing the employee payroll has to be super accurate and done in a timely fashion. In this modern era, many employees do not only have a single source of income- there can be multiple sources based on his performance, his role at the company, and various other reasons.