Tips on How to Choose a Perfect Ballroom Dancing Shoe

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Tips on How to Choose a Perfect Ballroom Dancing Shoe

The type of dancing shoes you choose will determine how you enjoy your dancing. Imagine dancing while your shoes stick on the concrete. Boring, right? The right dance shoe boosts confidence, making your entire dancing experience even better. 

Different types of dancing require different types of dancing shoes. It is, therefore, essential to be careful when buying one. To get the ultimate dancing experience, here are some tips to consider:

Right Fit 

A dancing shoe should fit appropriately like a glove on your leg. It should not be tight or loose. Ensure the shoe fits well, especially around the ankle. This is because shoes stretch a bit with time. Having the right fit gives you control, allowing better movement with every step on the floor. 

The fitting shoe also boosts your confidence by allowing you to dance to the best of your ability. Your shoes should be comfortable. This will allow ease of movement while practicing or performing.

Right Heel

Getting the right type of heel is essential, depending on the type of dance you are doing. Salsa shoes for ladies should generally have a heel. The heel gives you proper balance, creating a clean line. Mostly, common heels are about three to four inches. You can also get up to half an inch. 

If you are a beginner, smaller heel sizes are recommended to allow you to gain stability. Most weight is pushed toward the football when the heels are high. For men, a half an inch heel fits them well. They should wear leather or suede shoes. 

There are different types of heels, flared and slim. The flared heel is popular as it gives more balance and stability. 

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Open or Closed Shoes

Shoes with an open toe make it easier for the female dancers to articulate the dance steps. A closed dance shoe is recommended for dancers who involve a lot of footwork. Closed shoes offer protection for your toes and prevent them from stubbing or hurting. 

Open shoes are designed for rhythm and Latin dances like Rhumba, salsa, and swing. These dances require articulation of feet and more pointing toes. Closed-toe shoes also execute footwork more precisely. 

Buying Online vs. Store

Whether you buy your shoes from a store or order online, visiting a dance supply store to fit them is vital. This is because different shoes have different fittings depending on their brand. It is good to compare different sizes, models, and brands.


Another important aspect to consider is how you maintain your dance shoes. One thing to keep away from them is moisture. Most people sweat after dancing; the shoes absorb the moisture, causing a foul odor.

To fight this, get a few pairs to rotate between dancing sessions, depending on your dancing frequency. Alternatively, get shoe powder to fight the odor. 

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Wrap Up

With the guide above, you are in a better position to make the right choice of your dance shoes. Ensure you get the right size, fit, and material. Buying a dance shoe that perfectly fits your dance style is also essential. 

You can find quality dancing shoes from different stores near you. If you order your shoes online, consider shoes that will fit and not disappoint you.