Time for a Total Gym FIT Review Q&A!

Charlotte Miller

Updated on:

What is included when purchasing Total Gym FIT?

Believe it or not, you actually get a lot of items included in this purchase. Of course, you have the machine itself, there is a wing attachment for upper body exercises, an area for squatting and leg bands for lower body exercises, a chart with different exercise examples, a training guide, 7 different types of DVDs such as short workouts for those who are crunched on time, circuit ones, core, and a beginner, intermediate, and advanced one that will challenge you. An abs section is also included in the price you pay. This product gives you the opportunity to put in fit your entire body.

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  1. Do you need to be handy to put the parts together?

If you’re not handy, you’ve come to the right spot! This unit comes completely assembled so you don’t need to worry if you’ve never had to build anything before. You still won’t have to. It shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes to take out of the box and set up. Again, it comes assembled so no tools are necessary. Another advantage of this is unit is that you are able to fold it and store anywhere.

  1. How many different variations of workouts can I do with Total Gym FIT?

This at home machine is just as effective as if you were going to a commercial gym. Most of the Total Gym models are all based off of resistance which is what’s recommended by professionals. Working out with resistance instead of heavy weights can reduce the change of injuries and can help you get stronger and more toned. All these units come with multiple resistance levels and you can decide how easy or difficult you want your workout to be. 

  1. How do I maintain my Total Gym FIT clean?

Make sure you wipe down the machine with a damp cloth or paper towel after it’s been used as you would normally do in a commercial gym. One tends to be sweaty after their workout and since you are exercising from your own home, you might think it’s ok to leave wet clothes hanging on the parts. Don’t do it. It is important that you check the additional components once in a while just so you make sure nothing is wearing out. If you do notice that a certain attachment needs replacement, do not use it until you replace it with a new one because injuries can happen. 

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  1. Can anyone take advantage of the Total Gym FIT?

If you are over the age of 18 then yes, you can use this home gym. If you’ve suffered from any injuries or are currently suffering any pain, make sure you consult with your doctor before inventing your money and time into this. This machine comes with different resistance levels meaning that you can personalize your workouts to your standards by just raising and lowering the incline.

  1. Is it difficult to perform exercises using Total Gym FIT?

You’ve never worked out before? No problem. This product includes all the guides you need to get you started. It comes with a chart that shows different examples of exercises and multiple DVDs from beginners to advanced options with full body workouts. Not only would you be getting in a killer workout done, but it is also fun and fast! Also, if you are a busy person, this Total Gym FIT gives you options to complete a full body workout within a few minutes. 

  1. What advantages can Total Gym Fit give to someone?

You can get a complete body workout with this machine. Its main focus is to help you maintain and/or lose weight as well as enhance your cardiovascular system. With a healthy diet, you are guaranteed to tone your muscles and gain strength all while using your own bodyweight as resistance in this one machine. Not only does it have resistance training, but it helps with cardio and stretching as well. If you are looking to build muscle, then set the incline up to high and if you are looking to maintain and tone then set the incline to low resistance.