Things To Know More About The American Bulldog

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Things To Know More About The American Bulldog

One thing that is not said enough about this breed is that they are not an aggressive breed. On the contrary, they make great pets for families or anyone who wants to have a best friend for life. It is essential to note that they are the right option for the right people.

That is correct; not everyone can take care of them properly, as some people should not be taking care of any kind of dog. There are things to be said about this breed, and in this article, it will be talked over what kind of benefits they offer you and why they are just great.

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They are not aggressive

Many people wonder if this breed should be mixed with people because of their notorious status of being aggressive and hostile. This information is so much further from the truth. In fact, they are so loving, sweet, and tend to be very gentle.

If trained properly, they can behave well enough, and many other things which training can offer. It is known that this dog has a pretty loud bark, but that is the only aggressive thing. They can bark but will not bite you.

It is confirmed that for this breed, it is very unlikely for them to bite anyone. It is in their nature to be very gentle, and they tend to be very careful around anything. If you want to read more about these cuties, you should click on the next link for more info 

They need a firm owner

If you are an owner who tends to get softer on their dogs, this breed is not the right option. The reason behind this is that American bulldogs want to be very dominant around anyone. In order to control them, train them, and be assertive, it is a necessity to be the alpha.

Bulldogs will try to assert dominance whenever they notice a weak spot, and this should never be allowed in their presence. You need to make them understand who the boss is, and if they know this well enough, they will obey every order you have.

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Ask breeders for papers

Before purchasing them, you should always ask the breeders for papers to prove that they indeed have the origins of an American bulldog. The heritage is significant because if they are mixed, it can come to genetic issues.

You should look into veterinary papers that prove their origins are clean, and their DNA is pure American bulldog. 

They give birth to many puppies

If you want a full house of mess, then they are the right option for you. If you want to get a female bulldog, you should know that they give birth to eleven puppies on average. This is a close estimation as some give birth to more, some to less.

If you want your house not to be empty and filled with these little devils, you should go for it for sure. However, if not, then you should consider other breeds or even giving the puppies away to the right people.

They are not a small breed

If you are not familiar with them, then this is the right article for you for sure. Some people are mixing them with the French bulldogs. This is not correct information, as these dogs differ a lot. They can stand from twenty to twenty-eight inches tall and can also weigh somewhere from sixty to one hundred and twenty pounds. 

Not familiar with the numbers? To put it in short, they are the big dog. If you are decided to buy one or adopt, and if you think they are small, you could be tricked. If you do not believe it, just give it time, and the results will tell you very soon.

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They need exercise

American bulldogs are known for not being an overly active dogs. They like to sit around, make a mess on the sofa, play a bit, and from time to time, take a quick nap. However, they need to be exercised.

If you have a yard, you should play with them, let them go for a run in the yard just so they can exceed that energy. However, you should note that they should not be overheated. If it is too hot outside, you should not force them too much as it could cause them health issues.

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Their lifespan is big

If you want to have a mate for life, then they are the right pet for you. Their lifespan goes up to sixteen years, so they will be around you for many years. Some people buy them and then decide that it is not the right pet for them and put them in a shelter.

Make your mind, and know that they are a commitment. Otherwise, do not buy them. A considerable percentage around America is filled with any pet that is in the bull family.


These angels do not like to spend time alone, as they will get very sad. If you are the type of person who does not spend a lot of time at home, then an American bulldog is not the right choice for you. They are a breed that likes to be around people who can give them attention.

Last but not least, they require stimulation. They need to be active both physically and mentally, so they do not get bored, resulting in destructive behavior.