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The Top 9 Plumbing Myths Busted 

by Rohan Mathew
The Top 9 Plumbing Myths Busted 

Old wives’ tales and conventional wisdom that is passed down from generation to generation infiltrate every aspect of society, from raising babies to not opening an umbrella in the house. Some myths cause more harm than good. 

In today’s article, we will look at the 9 most popular plumbing myths, and if they are true or not. This could help you realise when you need commercial plumbers Melbourne based or wherever you reside in Australia. 

Add Lemons to Your Disposal to Make it Smell Better 

Although your disposal may smell lemony fresh for an hour or two, you should not add lemons to your disposal. The acid found inside lemons can cause the metal pipes to corrode and damage your system. If life gives you lemons, rather squeeze them, add sugar and make lemonade


The way to keep your disposal smelling fresh is to use ice. Add ice to the disposal and crush it. The ice works like a rock tumbler and removes stubborn dirt and grime. Once the ice has done its job, simply power wash. A clean drain will smell fresh and won’t have an odour.

Using Cleaners in the Toilet Tank Will Keep It Clean 

There are hundreds of products that you can add to your toilet that promise to clean your toilet, and keep it smelling fresh. But these products actually do more harm than good. They may look like they are getting the job done, but in fact, they only mask the problem.

The build-up is bleached but isn’t removed. Eventually, the build-up will damage your toilet.


A better alternative is to use vinegar. Pour vinegar down the overflow pipe. This will remove the stinky build-up. Vinegar is much cheaper than the other products and it won’t cause any damage.

Always Buy Products with a Lifetime Warranty 

How long is a lifetime? This is a very misleading statement. Some cheaper products offer this guarantee to entice you to buy them. If the product is inferior and breaks it will be replaced, but by the same product!

Once you buy it, you can’t exchange it for a different product. The cost of re-installing the product may end up costing more than your original purchases. 


You will save yourself time and money by buying a good quality product from the start. 

You Should Run Water While Operating the Garbage Disposal 

The myth states that running water while operating the garbage disposal will help the waste travel smoothly away with the water. Unfortunately, this helps the waste form clumps that block the drain. How many times have you had to remove the much stuck in the pipes with your fingers?


Instead, fill the basin a quarter of the way with water. This will cause the waste to separate. The water can then help wash away the waste without clogging the sink. 

If Water Goes Down the Drain it Means it isn’t Blocked 

Just because the water can still go down the drain, doesn’t mean there isn’t a blockage. Foods such as rice and pasta expand in water and block the pipes. Water may be able to flow past it for a while, but if the blockage isn’t cleared then the problem will get worse until the drain is completely blocked.


Before placing dishes in the sink, scrape out the food scraps into the garbage bin. No large pieces of food should enter the sink. For added protection install a drain screen. It will catch anything that may block the drain. 

You can Depend on Water Pressure Regulators 

Water pressure regulators are there to monitor your water pressure, but the readings aren’t always accurate. High water pressure can lead to big problems such as floods and pressure leaks. 


If your toilet is running constantly and making strange sounds, that’s a good indication that your water pressure is incorrect. Check your water pressure manually or ask an expert if you have cause for concern.

It’s Not Necessary to Clean Soap Splatter Off Your Taps 

When you wash your hands, often a bit of soap will splatter and might land on the taps. Most people don’t see a problem with this. I mean it’s soap, right? Wrong! Soap that isn’t cleaned off the faucets will cause them to corrode.


As soon as you’re finished washing your hands, you should wipe down the taps. This will prevent soap build-up and corrosion

You Don’t Need to Read the User Manual 

The user manual is filled with helpful information that will increase the lifespan of your product. It might not be very fun to read but the information it contains can be very useful.


The user manual contains information about warranties. If the product is used incorrectly, then you could forfeit your guarantee. Read the manual very well and keep it in a safe place for future reference. 

Plumbing Fixtures can be Ignored When not in Use  

If you haven’t used a plumbing fixture in a while, the lack of using it could cause dangerous sewer gas to fill the pipes. Next time you use it, you could be in for a smelly surprise. 


Even if you don’t need to use that plumbing fixture you should turn it on once in a while to release the gas build up. 


Hopefully, this article, has taught you more about plumbing myths and provided an alternative solution to these common problems. Do you know any plumbing myths? Let us know in the comments.

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