The Share India Universe

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The Share India Universe

Incepted in 1994, Share India Securities Limited has evolved from a stockbroker to one of India’s most innovative financial service providers or fintech. After obtaining a broking licence from SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India), it registered with the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) in 2000. Share India primarily focused only on the HNI (High Net Individual Segment), but now they are catering to the retail investor segment as well. However, the Share India universe has expanded beyond just equity broking services. 

Share India today has 850 branches in India across 16 Indian states and continues to scale up. The company has ventured into investment banking services, NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Company), and insurance broking services and continues to grow and succeed. Let us explore the Share India universe in great depth below. 

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Broking Services 

Equity Broking services to date remain Share India’s standalone or primary business. However, it has transformed from being a traditional stockbroker to becoming a  fintech broking company. 

Share India started offering its clients products in the equity space but eventually diversified its portfolio by entering the derivatives, commodity and currency space. So, with Share India, you can trade in equity, IPOs (Initial Public Offerings), F&O (Futures and Options), etc.. You can open a demat account and trading account with Share India for free. Share India imposes zero brokerage for investing and delivery trades. At the same time, brokerage on F&O and intraday trades are also the lowest in the industry. With Share India, you only pay ₹10 per transaction or 0.03% of turnover, whichever is lower. 

In terms of trading platforms, share India offers a web-based trading platform, a stock trading app, and full-fledged professional trading software. The interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate across the three trading platforms. Share India provides its clients with credible, in-depth research through reports drafted by experts. Those reports help clients make more informed investing and trading-related decisions. Share India is also an official portfolio management services provider. Lastly, Share India is one of the leaders in algo trading, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) based trading solutions. 

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Algowire Trading Technologies  and uTrade Solutions 

To continue to remain a leader in the algo trading domain, Share India reinforced its technological capabilities by making some tech acquisitions. The company acquired a significant stake in Algowire Trading Technologies Private Limited and uTrade Solutions. uTrade allows trades to connect and trade across 100 global financial markets, serving as a multi-asset trading platform. On the other hand, Algowire provides financial analytics and advisory services. The acquisitions have enabled Share India to offer comprehensive algo trading and investing applications and risk management solutions. They also help with reduced latency and instant trade executions. 

Share India aims to introduce more retail investors and traders to algo trading. Algo trading, also called algorithmic trading, is fully automatic, computerised trading with limited human interventions. Investors construct a trading strategy and input those instructions using Share India’s hi-tech software. The software then automatically executes trades as per the instructions eliminating human errors and emotions. 

NBFC Services 

Share India’s NBFC segment is named Share India Fincap Private Limited. You can approach the NBFC if you require personal or commercial vehicle loans. Share India Fincap offers business loans and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) loans if you are a business owner. 

Insurance Broking Services

Share India established an insurance broking vertical as part of its plans to become India’s leading fintech. As an insurance broker, Share India is an intermediary, offering a robust portfolio of insurance products. For that, Share India has partnered with more than 35 leading insurance companies in India. 

Investment Banking Services

The last major domain of the Share India universe comprises investment banking services. Investment banking services are primarily B2B services that help companies with mergers, IPO underwriting and other complex financial transactions. 


So, all the services mentioned above make up the Share India universe today. However, Share India still intends to expand and enhance its services, with technology being the main focus. Moreover, Share India continues to grow and diversify its client base, attracting more retail and institutional investors. Machine learning and artificial intelligence will revolutionise share market investing, retail investors will become the biggest beneficiary of this tech implementation. Today, only the institution and the HNI clients are mainly privy to these services. However, Share India plans to change that by making algo trading more accessible to the public, keeping them affordable.