The Plan Options That Humana Medicare Advantage Has

Charlotte Miller

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If you opt for the Humana MA plan, you will get several options:

Humana Health Maintenance Organization plans

Humana HMO plans seem enticing to people as they are affordable. In several ZIP codes, people come across plans that are obtainable for even a $0 monthly premium. These plans have the same coverage as original Medicare. Hence, people can remain assured that they will enjoy medical coverage, hospitalization coverage, and preventive care that includes vaccines and yearly screening appointments. Similar to other HMOs, people can select their doctors from the provider network of the plan. 

Again, Humana also proposes an HMO-POS plan, and due to this, people can select even providers who are out-of-network in some circumstances. People also require referrals to see specialists as well as other providers. If you are entitled to get HMOs, you will find them covering emergency medical care that will be outside of the US. A few HMOs comprise prescription drug coverage too that is better or equal to standalone Part D plans of Medicare. A few plans include free membership to several health clubs and local gyms; however, not all fitness facilities are included in the list.

Humana PFFS plans

PFFS is the abbreviation for Private Fee for Service plans, and they aren’t available everywhere. When people have this plan, they can visit many Medicare-sanctioned doctors, but they should have accepted the conditions of payment and terms of service of Humana’s PFFS. Humana, in the form of an insurer, determines what it pays to hospitals and healthcare providers besides the amount it needs to pay for a person’s care. When people are backed by a PFFS plan, they are not required to select primary care physicians. The majority of the PFFS plans include prescription drug coverage, though not all of them. These plans also cover emergency care that people get outside of the US. 

Humana Preferred Provider Organization plans

PPO plans to give people the liberty to select any Medicare-sanctioned doctor they want to see. Nonetheless, the OOP (out-of-plan) providers cost more in many instances. Additionally, people won’t even require a referral if they want to visit a specialist. The PPO plans to provide many optional add-ons like dental and fitness programs, vision, and prescription drug coverage. 

Humana Special Needs Plans

Humana SNPs are commonly free, and to avail of this plan, patients aren’t required to pay premiums, coinsurance, or copays. If a person meets some specific criteria, he becomes eligible for SNPs:

  • The person should be eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare.
  • Lives in some particular kind of inpatient setting, like a nursing home.
  • He suffers from a disabling chronic condition, and Medicare should have approved it for an SNP.
  • Humana proposes a couple of kinds of SNPs, and they are obtainable in nearly twenty states. A particular kind caters to people who seem to be eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid, and another type caters to people who suffer from some chronic health conditions like chronic heart disease, cardiovascular disease, ESRD (end-stage renal disease), diabetes, and chronic lung disease.


There are several kinds of Humana Medicare Advantage Plans for 2025 that people can enjoy, and every plan is found with some added benefits and characteristics.