The math behind the scholarship program created by Sunstone in association with LSG

If you are a cricket lover, you probably know that this year’s T20 season is already under way. There are two new teams, Lucknow Super Giants and Gujarat Titans, that will debut this season. Like every year, even this year is filled with countless brand partnerships and offers for the consumers. 

Sunstone, a leading higher education service provider is the associate sponsor for Lucknow Super Giants (LSG). With this association, Sunstone aims to bring students across the country world-class education at their doorstep. This collaboration is meant for the greater good of young aspirants across India. 

What is the #JeetegaSparkHi scholarship program? 

Sunstone launched the #JeeegaSparkHi scholarship program to provide monetary rewards to the most deserving and meritorious students. Under this scheme, Sunstone will offer scholarships worth ₹4Cr, and every qualified student can get a maximum scholarship of ₹30,000 without any arduous task. Students can apply for the scholarship at the end of every LSG match and the deadline extends till the next LSG match! 

The math behind the #JeetegaSparkHi campaign

The campaign will allocate an amount based on each feat by the Lucknow Super Giants. 

LSG Move Amount per move
Sixes by LSG in a match INR 6,000
Fours by LSG in a match INR 4,000
Wickets taken by LSG in a match INR 1,00,000
Half-centuries per match INR 5,00,000
Catches in a match INR 1,00,000
Runs per Match INR 1,000

The math behind the #JeetegaSparkHi campaign is simple. Here is a table showing you the break up for the awarded scholarship amount based on historical averages of each of these events that will reward you in this year’s edition:

Per Match Per Move Total Scholarship Money Per Match Total Scholarship For the Tournament
Average Spark Sixes by LSG in a match 10 6000 60000 840000
Average Spark Fours by LSG in a match 12 4000 48000 672000
Average Spark Wickets taken by LSG in a match 7 100000 700000 9800000
Average Spark half-centuries per match 2 500000 1000000 14000000
Average Spark Catches in a match 5 100000 500000 7000000
Average Runs per Match 150 1000 150000 2100000
2458000 34412000
Scholarship Per Student 20000 20000
Scholarship Per Match 122.9 1720.6

The total scholarship amount is ₹4Cr, while the total number of scholarships for the entire tournament is 2000.  

This can be considered as the average number of scholarships that will be given to the deserving students on a first-come, first-serve basis. Besides, there’s a higher number of such events occurring during a match already. 

To apply for the scholarship, students can either register on the Sunstone website or can inform the counsellor about applying for the scholarship.

This is a remarkable opportunity for the youth in India to gain the benefits of world-class education while passionately following their favourite cricket team. This year, watching a good game of cricket will pay you for being a deserving student too!

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