The Evidence You Will Need for a Car Crash Claim

Charlotte Miller

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The Evidence You Will Need for a Car Crash Claim

The process involved with making a car accident claim can be a long and stressful one. Alongside recovering from the crash itself, you need to handle all of the paperwork. Evidence is required for you to prove your case. However, knowing where to get started can be challenging.

Below, we will talk about the evidence you will need to gather so that everything is as straightforward as possible.

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Contact information

Obviously, the most vital information you need if you are involved in a car crash is the contact information of any other involved parties. This way, you can give the information straight to your insurance company. You’ll need:

– Full name and address.

– Driver’s license number.

– Vehicle plate numbers.

– Other insurance information.

If they are unwilling to give you the correct details, the police should be notified. If you feel unsure about the process and have been injured, it’s also a good idea to contact an attorney like Lamber Goodnow Injury Lawyers Denver as soon as possible. They will provide support and assistance to help you with your case.


The next step is to make sure you get plenty of photographs of the scene so that you can prove what damage occurred. Alongside getting enough snaps of the vehicles, you’ll want to make sure you get shots of the surrounding area so that the insurance company can better understand what exactly happened. If there are any skid marks or road debris, you’ll want to document them too.

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Witness Statements

Alongside the contact information of the drivers involved, it’s also vital to gather statements and phone numbers of any witnesses that were present at the scene. They are the individuals that will determine who exactly was at fault and help prove your case.

If you are injured and unable to obtain the above information, try asking someone else to go to the scene and gather it for you. Or speak to your local police enforcement. 

Medical Documents

In order to receive the compensation you deserve after the crash, you’ll also need to keep any medical documents from your doctor regarding your injuries. These should outline exactly what happened and if the effects will be either long or short term. Receipts should also be kept outlining the cost of your medical care.

Other Proof of Burden

Finally, alongside medical documents, you’ll need to list any other loss of income caused by the crash. For example, things like car maintenance, repairs, and any work that was lost due to your injuries. This is known as “proof of burden” and can be used by your lawyers to assist with your case.

And that’s it! By following the above, you will have the necessary information to help with your car crash claim. While the process might be stressful, you will be able to get through it by taking the required steps. Just make sure that you focus on your mental and physical health first.