The Consequences of Hybrid Work Model

Charlotte Miller

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The return to work with the hybrid work model can bring unintended and disastrous consequences.

Big names like Microsoft, Citigroup, Google, and Ford Motors are offering their employees to work two or three days in the office, while other days the employees can perform remotely. All of these changes are happening in light of the newly introduced hybrid work model.

While this balance, after a year of working in isolation, seems like the right move, but some experts believe that it can cause serious problems if executed quickly.

Take an example of absurd remote working standards that were formed quickly as a result of the pandemic, lockdown, and the constant growing restrictions in the country.

Employees were not only forced to adapt to the new working style quickly but companies that were reluctant to allow remote working schedules were not able to cope with it once the working standards were put into operations.

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Employees had struggled with slow internet service for a long time until the pandemic restrictions eased and they were able to connect with high-speed internet service like Cox Internet for their home.

Other than this, the disturbing work and home life balance caused distress, especially for the employees that had to take care of their families or home life and work as well. 

All of this happened as a result of unpreparedness and sudden need for accepting the remote working culture. Keeping this in mind, experts believe that similar or even more serious consequences can emerge as a result of the newly introduced hybrid work model. 

Follow are some of the time bombs that the staff and management need to navigate when turning to their office or continue working from home. 

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The Old Bait-And-Switch Trick

When a company says that you do not have to work five days a week, you might believe its sincerity. However, many people would want to go to their office after working in isolation for over a year.

This is because people are craving social interaction, meet-ups with their friends and colleagues, and the need to enjoy the new experience of getting out of their home for some lunch and gossips. 

Over time as managers would come across the not-so-balanced workforce, the overwhelming participation might overstress them. 

Therefore, instead of forcing impromptu meetings between both the staff and managers, it is important to make sure everything is scheduled beforehand. 

The picture of having the 10th meeting with the boss to figure out what to do next to accommodate employees showing up at the office or continuing working from home looks like a disaster. 

It is reasonable to believe that the manager will surely complain about the pressure and stress which will cause a disturbance in the work discipline. 

Invasive Surveillance

According to a survey, one in four people that do not answer calls, text, or reply to emails is probably looking for a new job. This kind of belief can cause managers to grow suspicious of the employee.

But in reality, the lack of technology and software that can help track everyone is causing more frustration in the manager that needs to know every move for their staff. 

In the near future, there will be software that will be used to closely monitor the activities of the staff working from home but for now, it is important to have trust. 

According to Gartner’s survey more than 75% of the conversation that will happen in the office in 2025 and after will be recorded and assessed. 

The new era of maximum surveillance, can make the workplace an unfriendly and toxic place. 

This will also include monitoring apps used, websites, internet histories, time spent on the phone, chat emails, and also more. 

The Growing Resentment

As remote workers will start feeling left out they will lose the motivation to work.

The work from homers might feel an urge of being in the office to enjoy the juicy assignments and the mini parties after meeting with the clients. 

After numerous instances of feeling left out, the remote workers will eventually start searching for a new job.

Therefore, keeping the two-tier class system aside will be the most challenging for the companies after the implementation of the hybrid work model. 

The Hack

As an employee, if you feel like the CEO and top executives are working in the office, then you should go as well. But if fewer people are around just sit and home and relax.