The best time to switch to HiPP Dutch Stage 2 baby formula

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What you should consider when buying the HiPP baby formula

If feeding your baby with breast milk alone is no longer an option, then you can rest assured that HiPP Dutch Stage 2; dutch baby formula has you covered. This Dutch baby formula is unique because it has natural probiotic lactic acid cultures that are extracted from breast milk. Because of this, the baby formula is similar to breast milk. The main carbohydrate in this baby formula is lactose, so it means there is no starch in it. 

The good news is that the baby formula is European Union organic certified, meaning that the ingredients utilized in this formula originate from biodynamic farms that usually use chemical-free agricultural practices that recognize the importance of the environment and animal welfare. This page explains the best time to switch to HiPP Dutch Stage 2 baby formula. 

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HiPP Dutch Stage 2 baby formula

Your little one needs to have the best. This is the reason why it makes sense to switch to HiPP Dutch Stage 2 baby formula. This baby formula doesn’t have GMOs or artificial sweeteners, and is also free of allergens like peanuts, eggs, soy, and gluten. The baby formula also has crucial nutrients, such as prebiotics, minerals, essential fatty acids, and vitamins.

Parents like HiPP Dutch Stage 2 baby formula because it’s organic, lactose-based, it has no harmful chemicals, antibiotics, or pesticides, and it’s enriched with prebiotics and probiotics. 

This baby formula can naturally support the digestive system of your baby. You can start using HiPP Dutch Stage 2 baby formula immediately after your little one turns six months old. But if you have an active infant at an earlier age and they usually feel hungry, you can also choose to use this baby formula. This can keep your infant satisfied and provide them with more energy. 

This baby formula is designed to be utilized as a part of weaning and mixed diet of bottle feeds. Stage 2 has a lower lactose content and doesn’t have maltodextrin and starch. This makes the baby formula gentle on the tummy of your baby and can help to reduce problems, such as constipation, colic, gas, and bloating.

Also, stage 2 baby formula has Omega-3 to help support the functions of your child’s brain and they add L-cytosine to offer a balanced amino acid profile. This promotes development and growth in your baby. HiPP products are considered to have the best EU organic ingredients that can give your little one all the essential nutrients. 

This baby formula comes with some instructions on how to prepare it. Some of them include not preparing the formula with too hot water as it can damage the lactic acid cultures.

You should also make sure that you properly wash and sterilize the bottle teat and ring, and only use the scoop included in the pack. You should also avoid preparing the formula in advance, meaning that you need to fresh the feeds. You also need to feed your baby the formula immediately after preparing it, and should not reuse leftovers. Above all, you can store HiPP Dutch Stage 2 baby formula for three weeks after opening the can. 

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HiPP formula stage 2 ingredients

There is always that time when you realize that your baby is not that little anymore when compared to when they were just born. Your little one is now starting to notice that there is a huge world that they need to explore. In a coming couple of months, your child can reach a certain lot of new physical milestones. They can sit up unsupported, crawl, stand up, and many more.

This is where HiPP Dutch Stage 2 baby formula comes in handy. This baby formula is designed to meet the growth and developmental needs of your baby. The formula is ideal for a baby aged six months and above. HiPP Dutch Stage 2 baby formula has a variety of ingredients that make them suitable for your child.

The HiPP baby formulas are formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of your baby depending on their age. Some of the differences between stage 1 baby formula and stage 2 baby formula are the increased calcium and iron needs. 

Babies need a mineral called iron for their good development and health. Red blood cells have hemoglobin which is a protein that transports oxygen to all body cells. Therefore, if you don’t have enough iron, then your body may fail to transport adequate oxygen to the muscles and organs. The natural iron deposits in your little one usually deplete when they are six months old. 

Therefore, your baby needs increased amounts of iron that is present in the HiPP Dutch Stage 2 baby formula. This helps to keep a good iron level in your baby. You should also note that calcium in HiPP Dutch Stage 2 baby formula is also helpful as it helps for strong bones. Hence, your baby needs to have an increased level of calcium and iron to assist the physical milestones your child aims to reach. 

The presence of protein in HiPP Stage 1 baby formula can help prevent childhood obesity because it’s similar to the protein you can find in breast milk, which is 40 percent casein and 60 percent whey. Some studies have suggested that the composition of protein in these baby formulas is almost in line with the physical needs of a baby younger than six months. When your baby starts to become more active, the need for protein intake also increases. This usually happens when your little one reaches six months old or above. 

HiPP Stage 2 baby formula has a protein ratio of sixty percent casein and forty percent whey. This makes the baby formula more filling for little ones, though they are receiving the same ounces per bottle. There is a good chance that your child is moving more, so they need this extra energy, and it also supports their physical development. In this way, your baby can be healthy and happy as they achieve their physiological milestones.