The Best 5 Motherboards To Shop For AMD FX 9590

Charlotte Miller

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The Best 5 Motherboards To Shop For AMD FX 9590

The world of PC components is large, with many alternatives, and not all of them make sense in terms of compatibility, which can make setting up your PC a difficult chore. This is significantly more difficult if you have an older component, such as the AMD FX 9590. 

Looking for the best motherboard for AMD FX 9590? Check out here our top 5 picks:

  • ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z ATX

This motherboard supports 32GB in the DDR3 RAM. It is also known for the best architecture in the dual channel memory. It is also recommended to the users because it uses memory slots that are based on the colours.It also includes the Extreme Engine Digi+ II, which combines analogue and digital design components to allow you to customize your system’s efficiency, performance, and stability based on your current demands.

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It is one of the most affordable motherboards. GA 990 has all the features that one wants from the motherboard to have. This is one of the best motherboards for AMD FX 9590. 

Despite this, it can support two graphics cards, AMD CrossFire and NVIDIA SLI, ensuring great video quality. Not only that, but its audio performance is excellent, thanks to Dolby Home Theater audio compatibility. If you enjoy watching movies and TV shows online, this motherboard is a good pick.


The ASRock AMD 990FX Extreme9 is a good option. Another reason this motherboard is so fantastic for overclocking and can achieve CPU speeds of 5GHz is that it has an excellent cooling system. If you like to customize and personalise your PC, you’ll appreciate the user-friendly UEFI and BIOS, as well as the fact that the motherboard can be upgraded in a variety of ways.

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  • M5A995X Asus Pro

This motherboard prioritises reliability over powerful functionality and complicated capabilities, as the colour schemes suggest. With dual-channel architecture technology, this motherboard can support up to 32GB of DDR3 RAM, making it ideal for multitasking. This motherboard has five PCIe 2.0 x16 slots, four DIMM 240-pin slots, and PCI, which improves overall expansion possibilities.

You won’t suffer data transfer latency with this motherboard because it has a data transfer speed of up to 5.2GT/s and a bus speed of 2600MHz. This motherboard has audio line-in and line-out connections for side surround, rear, subwoofer, and centre speakers.

  • Sabertooth 990 FX

The motherboard includes a TUF thermal radar that detects heat surges in real time, ensuring a smooth and safe operation. Even when the configuration is increased to a greater level, the radar remains effective.

This motherboard also includes DIGI PLUS power control technology for both CPU and USB BIOS Flashback to improve airflow through the casing and reduce overheating issues. The premium CeraMIX ceramic coating on the ASUS Sabertooth improves heat dissipation and ensures a cool operation.


This is a list of top 5 among which you can select the best motherboard for AMD FX 9590 as per your requirements. They are easily available online and will help you enjoy a great performance of your device.