The Benefits of Using Red Light Therapy for Wrinkles: Skin Rejuvenation

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The Benefits of Using Red Light Therapy for Wrinkles: Skin Rejuvenation

It is unavoidable to face aging signs on our skin as we grow older, such as wrinkles, fine lines, and skin roughness, due to the loss of collagen density and decrease in collagen production. Traditional aesthetic treatments can only provide a superficial repair — Does any approach that provides more fundamental and intracellular improvements on attenuating the aging signs? Albeit it sounds too attractive to be true that the latest innovative medical-grade light treatment (i.e., red and near-infrared light therapy) is able to reverse these aging signs to achieve skin rejuvenation, many concrete clinical results and scientific studies support this fact. Red light therapy has been proven effective in bettering skin appearance not only by wrinkles reduction but also by improving skin’s complexion. In this blog, we’ll explore the clinical application of red light therapy in skin rejuvenation using Bestqool’s patented technology. We’ll discuss the benefits of red light therapy and disclose its proven effects on skin aging signs, collagen production, inflammation, and cell proliferation. Go on reading and let’s find out more about red light therapy. 

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Does red light therapy work?

Red and near-infrared light therapy work by targeting the corresponding chromophores at the cellular level to trigger the desired cellular photoresponses and photoreactions in cascading signaling pathways. Sunlight is the natural source for us to get effects from light exposure and the seasonal variation of skin conditions by climate changes and the influence of solar radiation implies the inherited mechanism that allows biological interaction with light photons. 

To answer the question “Does red light therapy really work?” it is important to recognize the underlying mechanism of red light therapy. There is a study on this topic shedding light on the concealed mechanism of its action that may lead to various benefits for improved healing and recovery processes. As the study stated, the primary chromophore that absorbs red light in mitochondria, i.e., cytochrome-c oxidase (CCO), causes the activity of various molecules such as nitric oxide (NO), ATP, calcium ions, reactive oxygen species (ROS), and numerous other signaling molecules. 

The activity of cytochrome c oxidase increases the buildup of mitochondrial activity, which leads to a larger production of ATP. Other important byproducts, including ROS, Ca2+, and others, also play a significant role in the beneficial effects of red light therapy, and as a result, it will lead to metabolic upregulation and encourage stem cell bioactivity in many medical applications. 

High levels of ROS are known to be cytotoxic, leading to multiple signaling cascades being interrupted. However, in low levels, ROS can be beneficial to red blood cells and induce apoptosis in breast cancer cells, by acting as secondary messengers to various signaling pathways. ROS can generate normal metabolism in the production of ATP synthesis and regulate proteins that are affected by redox reactions and involved in proliferation and differentiation. Cells will then migrate to repair the damage that has occurred from the laser treatment. Together with cytokines and growth factors, ROS can help tissue recovery as it induces the transport of myogenic precursor cells to the damaged site. 

Another secondary action is Ca2+ entering cells via the light-sensitive gated ion channels, which results in various reactions with ROS, NO, and cyclic AMP (cAMP), which then results in the activity of transcription factors. 

Some research has suggested that laser irradiation in the region of red light increases activity in the plasma membrane of cells. 

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Advantages of using red light therapy for wrinkle reduction

There are plenty of benefits to using red light therapy for skin rejuvenation. Red light is a safe and effective way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and aging skin. It’s also known for its ability to promote collagen production and elasticity in the skin. By encouraging the proliferation of fibroblast cells and the production of collagen in the hypodermis layer, which only deep red light and near-infrared can reach, red light therapy is a proven wrinkle treatment and a promising approach for skin rejuvenation in many medical trials. It can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, and acne scars. What’s more, red light therapy is safe and painless – you only need to use it for brief periods of time each day. The picture below shows the satisfying improvement in skin roughness and fine line reduction after red light therapy. More details can be found in this study

So, whether you’re looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin tone, reduce age spots, or improve skin elasticity and collagen production, red light therapy is a great option! The picture below shows the changes in dermatitis-associated inflammatory cells following 830 nm LED irradiation in the rat model and the significant improvement in a patient with treatment-resistant post-chemical peel irritant contact dermatitis. More details can be found in this study

Last but not least, the major benefit of red light therapy is its safety for the skin. This is a study that scrutinized the safety property of the parameters of light irradiation.

Clinical applications of red light therapy in skin rejuvenation

Wrinkles, age spots, and other skin discolorations are a reality for many people. As a person ages, their skin experiences morphological and physiological changes. Fortunately, red light therapy is clinically proven to be effective in reducing the appearance of these signs of aging. 

A recent study in 2005 applied the treatments at combined wavelengths of 633 nm and 830 nm with fluences of 126 J/cm^2 and 66 J/cm^2 respectively, and improvements to the skin surface were evaluated at weeks 9 and 12 by profilometry. 

A study to determine the efficacy of phototherapy to treat facial aging also confirmed the efficaciousness of phototherapy in reducing periocular wrinkles and showed improvements in certain other parameters, including the evaluation of wrinkle volume, melanin spots, elasticity or sagging, and skin hydration. 

Why Bestqool?

Bestqool is devoted to applying advanced LED technology to deliver the best at-home red light therapy devices for medical purposes. Our data, manually tested by professional devices, confirms beyond doubt that Bestqool products are able to achieve maximum therapeutic effects by being equipped with a high irradiance output and the most effective wavelengths in the optical window of the skin. 

The wavelengths and irradiance are the most decisive parameters for the success of red light therapy. With cutting-edge advanced LED technology, our devices are able to focus on emitting stable and concentrated specific red (at 660 nm) and near-infrared (at 830 nm) wavelengths. And adequate irradiance and dose are the basics to reach the treatment area and trigger a positive reaction. 

While a lot of devices are claimed to be effective without disclosing their safety guarantees, all Bestqool products are released based on FDA safety standards and certified by ETL to secure the safety and success of your red light therapy experiences. It’s easy to use, affordable, and long-lasting results can be seen immediately! So if you’re looking to achieve a more youthful-looking complexion, don’t miss out on red light therapy – Bestqool has you covered!