The Basic Components Required To Build Your First Gaming PC

Charlotte Miller

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The Basic Components Required to Build Your First Gaming PC

Gaming PCs are arguably way ahead in terms of performance and experience when compared to consoles. It can last longer than any smartphone and prove to be more versatile than any other technology investment. However, selecting the perfect components for the task is often overwhelming for new gamers

You are looking to pack the most powerful system possible in your limited budget. Therefore, it is essential to make smart decisions with the components. Here we have listed the necessary parts you will need to build your gaming PC.

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The brain of your PC, a processor, might be the first component you will purchase. There are two major manufacturers in the market with the most powerful units, Intel and AMD. However, Intel has been dominating the market for years now.

AMD is the right choice for you if you want a decently powerful processor within budget. Intel is recommended if you want the best gaming processor with superior performance in single thread processing. 

Many specs can be used to compare different processors, which makes comparing them difficult for new gamers. You can take help from friends and family with their experience and knowledge of computers. 


Motherboard houses components inside the CPU. The definition may sound a little too easy for this many-sided component. Since it places numerous components, there will be many variations with different slots, sockets, and chipsets options.

Do your homework before going to the local computer shop to buy it. You can read from hundred of articles available online to learn about different components. If possible, make the list of other specs beforehand to know what motherboard will serve your purpose.

The motherboard is not a component you would be upgrading every year. Thus, it is always recommended to purchase keeping in mind future upgrades.

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Your computer needs RAM to access different files and run multiple programs quickly. Heavy games need more memory to run without any hindrance. Some might not even start if the RAM installed is too low.

You must install at least 4GB of RAM to play some of the most popular games. Though, the gamers recommend 16GB to run anything you throw at the PC. Your motherboard will determine how many memory sticks you can install and the supported types.

The benefit of additional and faster RAM is better gaming performance with higher frame rates and reduced loading times. However, it won’t affect the performance on the level that more advanced GPU and CPU will do. 


GPU is an essential component in your system with the highest priority for gamers. Your gameplay experience will enhance with a powerful GPU that allows flawless rendering of images on the screen. But for the new gamers, it can be tough to decide between different options available in the market.

You can take help from various stress tests to check their performance in extreme conditions. Remember, you need to save enough money for a good processor; therefore, do not go extravagant with the GPU. Take loans without a guarantor from direct lender if you are left with little money to make other purchases. 


The most common confusion faced by buyers while purchasing the storage is its size. There is no ideal storage space one can recommend it to you, which gives you the responsibility of finding the perfect space for your demand.  

Pick the storage space based on your current games and future requirements. You can always upgrade the storage in future with the super-easy installation. 

Speed is an essential aspect of any storage device. SSDs are recommended over hard drive these days because of their much higher speed. The system, including the files, will load considerably faster. 

Power Supply 

You need to install PSU in your system to make it work. The most common mistake people make is investing in cheap PSUs, which can damage the whole system, leaving you with a gaming PC literally on fire. 

You need first to check the power requirement of the system. Make sure the power supply unit is efficient and fits in the system. Also, buy PSU that will support the future upgrades to make it a long-term investment.  


Price, size, and aesthetics are the three critical things to look for in a PC case. You may have to check many instances before settling for one. But it will worth the trouble with long enough life to house a few rebuilds. 

While buying a case, the first thing to consider is size. It should be big enough to install components you have decided for the system with space for ventilation. 

The aesthetics and price should come secondary. Your gaming PC should not look like a cheap system from the 90s. However, it doesn’t mean you spend unnecessarily on it. 

Ultimately, it is on your budget to decide the right component for your gaming PC. There are hundreds of articles and videos on the internet to help you get the required information about them. Make sure you have enough money left for the other components. Since any cheap purchase on essentials such as monitor can completely ruin the whole experience.