The 5 Most Powerful Benefits of Remote Coaching Explained

Charlotte Miller

Updated on:

Coaching and remote coaching both use the same guiding principles because they are the same practice.

But remote coaching is arguably more powerful than traditional coaching, especially for remote coaches who understand these 8 benefits.

Benefit #1: Access to a Global Pool of Clients

The world is getting smaller at an exponential rate, and remote coaching affords remote coaches access to most of it; remote coaches who don’t travel outside their home cities can work with clients on every continent except Antarctica.

This means that remote coaches have access to a nearly unlimited pool of potential clients—even if you want to coach only in your own city or country. Telecommuting has become commonplace in many fields, so people need remote professional skills more than ever before.

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Benefit #2: No More Face-to-Face Networking

The second benefit of remote coaching is that remote coaches have a unique opportunity to build their own business, brand and consulting practice without the baggage of face-to-face networking.

Benefit #3: Develop a Reputation as a Remote Coach

Remote coaches can develop a reputation for being someone who delivers results through remote (as opposed to in person) coaching;

Remote coaching gives remote coaches arguably the best chance possible to charge premium rates for not only their coaching services but also any other products or services they sell along with their coaching services, such as information products.

Benefit #4: Expand Your Impact and Reach

First of all, remote coaching is a great way to expand your impact and reach. Coaching for clients living abroad or in remote locations would not be possible without remote coaching. Secondly, remote coaches can coach multiple clients at once, something which would also not be possible face-to-face.

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Benefit #5: Make More Money from Coaching

Remote coaching gives remote coaches access to a much larger pool of potential clients than they could ever have access to via traditional face-to-face networking methods alone. By being accessible online, remote coaches dramatically increase their chances of selling their services as compared to most other types of businesses where it’s much harder to find new customers outside the normal sphere.

Benefit #6: Whenever, Wherever

A benefit remote coaching offers remote coaches that many other business activities don’t is the ability to be able to work wherever they want, whenever they want. Whereas most businesses are tied to a physical location and require remote workers to be within walking distance of the office where they will do their work if it’s not being done virtually, remote coaching allows remote workers flexibility in location and schedule unlike most other types of jobs.

Benefit #7: The Low Down On The High Cost of Living

One thing remote coaching gives potential remote coaches the ability to do is work around the high cost of living that may exist in certain areas. Of course, remote workers have always been able to move from one location to another in order to find a more reasonable cost of living area but remote coaching can offer this right from home. 

The technology available nowadays makes it easy for remote coaches to provide services virtually and allows them to work where they want and when they want while keeping their overhead low if they so choose.

Benefit #8: Stay Home With Your Loved Ones

As we mentioned earlier, remote coaches are able to maintain a much greater level of flexibility with their schedule by working virtually than on-site coaches or employees. 

This is particularly true with remote coaches who have families and cannot be expected to travel constantly, requiring them to travel away from home.  If you are a remote coach that wants to spend more time with your family or needs to stay close by for other reasons it just makes sense for you to work virtually.


To sum up this article, remote coaching is becoming more and more popular for the host of reasons laid out above. I hope you take advantage of this unique opportunity and build your own successful remote coaching practice!