The 5 Common Mistakes When Building Software

There are many pitfalls when creating software. With a lot of experience in this field, DataArt created this article in order to tell you about the 5 most common problems that you face when doing software development.

Let’s take a closer look at these mistakes.

  1. Lack of relevant skills of the developer.

 It is important to understand that in the process of creating a good software application, you need to involve a team of people in which each will specialize in their own particular area. The person who says he has a set of skills in different areas of software development most likely does not understand any of them at a sufficient level.

It is foolish to believe that one doctor can solve any medical problem. It is also foolish to think that a software engineer can write a good multifunctional application inside and out.

  1. Your developer is not bound by a contract with you.

To save money, companies often collaborate with their software developers and software development companies at the same time. At first, this seems like a good option for demonstrating loyalty as well as budget savings and separation of concerns. But in such a scenario, there are big pitfalls, which are often difficult or almost impossible to overcome.

As we said earlier, creating successful software will require the skills and resources of many people. Therefore, do not look for one technical specialist, because he simply will not have enough knowledge and experience to know and solve all aspects of software development.

Trying to cut costs by working with your developers can lead to even more costs. It will often cost more than if you hired the right professionals in the first place. The simplest example by which to judge the problems that can be faced is property rights. Disagreements about this can be problematic.

Other than that, what will you do if your developer friend is not sticking to the work plan? What will regulate your relationship? As you can see, you can’t do without a signed contract.

  1. Unexpected difficulties with overseas software development companies.

Using the services of overseas software development companies, you can face many issues. Especially when developing a large project.

We are not suggesting that hiring a company from India or Pakistan will definitely fail, but here are some of the problems you may face:

  • Not exactly the result you expected due to the shortened collection period for initial information.
  • Language barrier and misunderstanding that arises as a result of incorrect interpretation and problem statement.
  • The difference in time zones, due to which often there are problems with control and quick response to emerging problems.
  1. Disregard for testing time and business priorities of users.

How developers use software and how you and your end customers use it are completely different things. During development and testing, your software vendor, which is not very well versed in the business, only looks at the functionality of the code, the technical aspects of the operation, and the stability of the application. Often ignoring how the business flow will be recreated and how users will use it.

  1. Having an unrealistic budget for business purposes.

An important aspect of software development is spending your budget before the application is fully ready to use. Discussing the budget for a job is one of the first topics to address before starting software development. If you do not go into the detailed requirements of the project at the very start, you risk avoiding unnecessary expenses.

It is also worth mentioning that if you do not initially give a clear and detailed assessment of your project, mentioning all the requirements and functions that it must perform, then you risk getting a lot that is unnecessary and unnecessary in your application and, as a result, an increase in its cost.

To avoid unnecessarily increasing your software budget, initially budget and document your requirements in a contract.

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