Take A Look At The Benefits of Taking Aniracetam Capsules 

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Taking aniracetam as a supplement has a multitude of benefits and uses for emotional and cognitive health. Like caffeine, aniracetam is a stimulant that induces alertness, helping you feel awake and mentally engaged. With greater focus, your memory and concentration may also improve while taking aniracetam. 

While aniracetam is a legal supplement available via prescription, please take the necessary precautions, by having an open dialog with a medical professional to ensure it is safe for your consumption. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking other medications, or are considering the supplement for your children, speak with your doctor beforehand. Unlike drugs, the FDA abstains from testing supplements for safety and effectiveness before they are put on the market. 

Always speak to your healthcare practitioner prior to taking supplements. Communicating with your healthcare provider is the only way to ensure that the products you’re interested in are safe and will not interfere with the medications and supplements you’re already taking. If your doctor approves Aniracetam capsules, check out www.genemedics.com and consider the following information on the benefits of supplementing with this nootropic. 

Defining The New Racetam, Aniracetam

Aniracetam is a stimulant derived from earlier racetams that were developed in the 1960s. Aniracetam is a nootropic neuroprotectant with certain benefits that are not found in racetams like oxiracetam. Among neuro hacker enthusiasts, aniracetam is a popular nootropic for its ability to increase hippocampus potentiation and enhance focus, cognition, and mood.  

Its predecessor, piracetam (the original racetam), is ten times less powerful than aniracetam. With its extra power, aniracetam is taken in smaller doses than piracetam to achieve the same effects. For those hesitant to take large amounts of medication, aniracetam may be an option worth further consideration. 

It’s also clear that aniracetam influences mood, whereas piracetam improves cognition alone. While piracetam is still beneficial, most nootropic users prefer modern options like aniracetam. Aniracetam has a faster brain absorption rate than piracetam; however, it also has a shorter half-life. 

Benefits Of Taking Aniracetam Capsules

  • Individuals looking for supplements that enhance brain health may gravitate to supplements like aniracetam. As a supplement with nootropic influence, Aniracetam capsules are frequently sought-after by those looking to improve memory, mood, and focus. Studies suggest that modulating glutamate receptors and others, like kainite and AMPA, may explain the improvements in memory and cognition seen in animal studies. Researchers believe that with aniracetam, the glutamate-bound conformation stabilizes, and the ion flux changes, resulting in the improvements noted in animal models.
  • Naturally, individuals (children and adults) with ADHD may be advised to take Aniracetam capsules to treat related mental health symptoms. A study discovered that aniracetam may play a role in learning, as it appeared to help children diagnosed with ADHD resolve some of their learning and language challenges. Supportive research has also linked the consumption of Aniracetam capsules to increased sociability and conversational fluidity. Vocabulary improvement was also reported by individuals taking the stimulant for social anxiety. 
  • Other research has pointed to using aniracetam to boost mood in those with memory problems. Object recognition was improved by rats taking aniracetam who were also experiencing scopolamine (an amnesia compound) and brain lesions. Despite these amnesiac symptoms and old age, the rats were able to restore object recognition. 
  • Aniracetam capsules have also been prescribed for mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression in Japan. A study found that aniracetam eliminates depression in rodents; this antidepressant effect was noted in old and young rats but was prominent in older rats with cognitive decline. 
  • Currently, more research is needed to determine the efficacy of Aniracetam capsules across larger clinical trial groups. Anecdotal research notes that aniracetam may enhance problem-solving as it increases activity and blood flow in the region of the brain responsible for this mode of thinking, the association cortex. 

How The Stimulant Supports Neuroprotection 

Reduces Alzheimer’s Symptoms 

The nootropic benefits of Aniracetam capsules consist of lessened anxiety, improvements in memory and learning capabilities, better mood, and for those affected, reduced symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Test results among elderly patients with Alzheimer’s showed that aniracetam may be important for treating symptoms of Alzheimer’s. Specifically, the results showed that memory and emotional stability were increased.

Decreases Stress Levels 

The biggest reason Aniracetam improves mood is its modulating effects, specifically with dopamine and serotine. Aniracetam increases the flow of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, increasing dopamine and serotine, improving mood, and decreasing stress. Research suggests that Aniracetam capsules may be effective at reducing the symptoms of anxiety disorders; it appears that aniracetam causes interactions between hormonal systems that work against social failure, such as the dopaminergic, serotonergic, and cholinergic systems. 

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Fights Against Cognitive Decline 

In addition to their ability to improve memory, Aniracetam capsules also provide neuroprotection through their ability to reverse and prevent cognitive decline. 

As a derivative of piracetam, aniracetam:

  • increases cognitive, motor, and visual performance
  • boosts intellectual functioning (due to its modulating effects on AMPA receptors). 

Balances Glutamate Levels

Research indicates the possibility that aniracetam is a protective agent against cognitive decline as part of the natural aging process. The way the stimulant interacts with glutamate is the primary reason for these indications. Glutamate, the prime excitatory neurotransmitter, plays a leading role in healthy cognition. However, when glutamate gets too high (which can happen under periods of severe stress), neurons are destroyed in the process. 

Protecting Memory And Resolving Memory-related Problems

To protect neurons, taking Aniracetam capsules can balance glutamate levels; when this occurs, glutamate levels do not get high enough to kill off neurons. One study reported that aniracetam counteracted neuron cell death from raised glutamate levels. For those with degenerative illnesses, aniracetam may be particularly helpful in protecting memory and resolving memory-related issues. 

Nootropics For Cognitive Health

Despite impairments such as amnesia, studies have consistently shown that aniracetam can improve cognitive function and potentially reverse cognitive damage. More research is needed to determine how effective aniracetam is at restoring and enhancing brain health, but the implications thus far are promising. In the interim, with a doctor’s approval, aniracetam is a supplement of consideration if you’re looking to improve your cognitive or emotional health.