Staying Fit And Healthy At The Workplace

Charlotte Miller

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Most people nowadays spend more than eight hours each day working in an office. They spend more time working on a computer sitting at a desk, leading to many mental and physical health problems. Lifestyle diseases such as obesity, heart problems, diabetes, and so on are on the rise. With a sedentary lifestyle being the norm in today’s day and age, one must maintain healthy working habits and a good posture by finding the optimal office seating solutions.

A poor quality chair will adversely affect one’s posture and lead to many issues related to the back, neck, and spine. Several studies have shown the complications of habitually having a poor posture, including body ache, muscle fatigue, spinal dysfunction, joint degeneration, and so on. Thus, choosing the right office chair is extremely important based on one’s specific needs and requirements.

Physical and mental well-being is important for both employers and workers, not only for increased productivity and output but also for a company’s overall durability and morale. Constantly sitting on a poor quality chair negatively impacts one’s posture, leading to health problems for employees. An ergonomically designed chair will provide optimal support and comfort. There is a growing need for offices to provide adequate office seating solutions for their workers.

Moreover, with work from home becoming increasingly common, it is becoming increasingly necessary for individuals to invest in a good chair for the home office. People spend more and more time sitting at a desk every day, whether for work, studying and doing homework, playing video games, etc. Most people end up using dining chairs or armchairs while sitting at the desk, which has a significant adverse effect on physical and mental health, as these are inferior substitutes for office chairs.

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Features Of A Good Office Chair

  • Height: Having the correct size or an easily adjustable height is important for a good office chair. Hunching for long hours over a computer screen is one of the first signs of bad posture. The correct height will allow the user to look straight ahead at the screen, with both feet firmly reaching the floor.
  • Support: Back and neck support is another essential feature that a good quality office chair will include. The backrest should be easily adjustable to different angles as per the user’s requirement. Armrests are also helpful, making it more comfortable to spend long hours sitting at a desk.
  • Material: Having a chair with good quality fabric will go a long way in making one’s work-life more comfortable. Additionally, breathable materials will help during hot and humid summer months.

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A good office chair will significantly improve one’s posture and physical health and positively affect one’s mental health and well-being. Along with using a good ergonomic office chair, one should also follow other healthy habits such as eating healthy foods, regularly exercising and increasing physical activity, and taking small but regular breaks while working. Studies have also shown the benefits of frequently standing up and moving around during holidays and will go a long way in ensuring optimal physical and mental health and well-being.