Social Media Updates You Really Need To Know About

Charlotte Miller

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Social media is getting us by these days, ain’t it? While the world is trying to stay flexible through these tough times, it is incredible to see the social platforms performing. 

Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc. are rapidly handing out new conversation media features to keep our close bonds with friends alive online.

 And now, more than ever, keeping up with what’s new online can be quite a challenge. There are new features here and there almost every week. But don’t worry, you have all the newest benefits coming your way with us! 


Wouldn’t you love, if the emojis would entertain both eyes and ears? Facebook did just that around World Emoji Day on July 17.

It announced that it is rolling out emojis with sound on Facebook Messenger, now christened as “Soundmojis”.

 From clapping, the sound of crickets, drumroll and evil laugh to voice clips from popular artists and television shows. You can now add sound to your beloved emojis. 

To use Soundmojis, go to your Messenger app, and start a track. Tap the smiley face to open the expressions menu and choose the loudspeaker symbol. From there, review and send your #1 Soundmojis again and again!

 Facebook has launched a complete Soundmoji library for you to pick from. Sound effects will see regular updates to keep things interesting. Each sound accompanies a relevant emoji. It keeps the visuals we have all come to cherish at play while bringing even voice into the mix!


Instagram :

One thing has become clear over the years. Individuals have different views about the experience Instagram offers. It’s the proper one for them. You might be triggered by sensitive content being posted or you might be unbothered by it.

A lot of people worry about sensitive topics being a trigger on social media platforms. 

Well, Instagram has been taking leaps and bounds in increasing the protection for users. You must be familiar with the app’s Recommendation Guidelines or the Restrict feature? Instagram has taken yet another step forward!

They have recently launched a brand new feature, “Sensitive Content Control”. This allows you to choose how much sensitive content you come across in the Explore section.

 To see your Sensitive Content Control, go to your profile, open the Settings menu. In the right upper corner, tap Account, then click on Sensitive Content Control. Now you can decide, to keep the default setting (“Limit”) or to check more (“Allow”) or less of some categories of sensitive posts and reels (“Limit Even More”). You can change your selection whenever. One special case for this: the “Allow” option won’t be accessible to individuals under 18.

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Sure feels liberating, right? 

Whatsapp :

The constant morning greeting images and forwarded pictures that get piled up on your group and individual chats? That won’t be an issue any longer now! Whatsapp has lowered our message pile-ups with its latest ‘View Once’ feature.

When you send a photo using this feature, then it will expire once the receiver opens it. Be that as it may, you need to choose View Once media each time you need to send a view once photographing or video.

You will be able to enable the disappearing option of the photo or video before sending it to your friends by tapping the new ‘1′ icon that appears next to the caption bar.

 Media that is being forwarded using ‘View Once’ will not be visible in the chatbox where they were sent once the recipient exits the media window.

The media content will also not be saved to the recipient’s android’s Photos or Gallery, and they can’t forward them through the app. The photo or video will also disappear from the chat if not opened within 14 days.

They did a favour to our dwindling android device memory, no?

Snapchat :

Imagine if Google Maps was converted into a more interactive service? A place where you get personalized recommendations on the best restaurants, shops and bars around you? Not only supported by your past visits and preferences but also by those of your friends? Snapchat has been at it again!

Snapchat launched My Places, a replacement feature for frequent Snapchatters to explore the world with Snap Map.

Bryant Detwiller, Snap Map’s product head said that “evolving Snap Map from a product that helps you be in touch with your closed ones, to a map that assists you in finding things to do together.”

Now, a quick rollover Snap Map not just helps Snapchatters stay tuned with the folks they care about and stay updated with global events. Additionally, it offers plenty of ways to help friends connect with IRL

What’s more – the new feature has three tabs: Popular, Visited and favourites to sort places!

And, with Layers from scripts like The Infatuation and Ticketmaster approaching Snap Map later this year, there are limitless ways to explore.

With recommendations coming your way from the global Snapchat community and new businesses popping up for you to explore, this is quite fantastic, no?

Twitter :

Didn’t get an invitation to Clubhouse yet, don’t fret. Twitter has been building its audio product, Twitter Spaces and has now rolled out another update to make the product easier to get and share.

When we can bring people’s avatars to the digital world, why not include a clubhouse experience too? Twitter Spaces lets you host and participate in live audio conversations, hosted within “Spaces”, for up to 10 members at a time.

In May, the social media platform expanded the Clubhouse copycat feature more broadly to anyone with a minimum of 600 followers. Now, it has roped in new exciting features recently!

Twitter is offering Space hosts to add two co-hosts, who they can rope in through an invite system. Twitter will also allow users to tweet from a Live Space on different Android and iOS devices.

 While users could earlier publish a tweet while being attentive to a conversation on Spaces, the new tweet composer directly in the Space makes it much easier.

Holding discussions on new topics or gaining audience feedback for brands became a whole lot easier, didn’t it?