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Smart and Helpful Ways to Prevent Motorcycle Theft

by Rohan Mathew
Smart and Helpful Ways to Prevent Motorcycle Theft

In a study published in August 2020, the National Insurance Crime Bureau reported that in 2019, motorcycle theft saw a 2 percent decrease. The declining incidents of motorcycle thefts do not mean that your bike is safe from being a target. 

It is more important than ever to learn safety tips so that you don’t become a victim of this crime. Motorcycles that are unprotected are easy to steal because they can quickly be loaded into the back of a van or truck. 

Here are some tips to help prevent your motorcycle from being stolen.

Keep It In a Safe Place

Where you leave or store your bike is one of the most important factors in whether or not it will be stolen. If you have a garage keep it there whenever you are not using it. If you don’t have a garage try to keep the bike covered when it is parked.

Be aware though that even when you cover the bike it will still be obvious that there is a bike there. This is why you need to ensure that you use an unbranded cover.

When a criminal doesn’t know exactly what they are dealing with, it can be harder to assess how to go about stealing a bike. 

Use Your Steering Lock

It is best if you use a separate lock for your ignition and steering. The more work a thief has to do in order to get your bike the better it is for you. Having to deal with two locks may discourage them from trying to steal the bike.

If you do not use separate locks for your ignition and steering, at least make sure that you have a steering lock. It will make the bike difficult to maneuver and this may just be all that is necessary to deter thieves.

Use a Kill Switch 

One of the best ways to prevent motorcycle theft is to use a kill switch. All you have to do is get an electrician to wire a kill switch that will need to be held down whenever you depress the start button on the motorbike. Often this small step works for motorcycle theft prevention.

Once they encounter difficulty in finding and disarming the killswitch they are likely to decide it is too much work and leave the bike alone.

Additionally, you can try to deter criminals from trying to steal your bike by attaching an alarm to the bike. Many of the alarm systems out there are similar to the ones that can be found in cars.

Using a kill switch and an alarm is a great way to prevent a stolen bike. You can place a sticker label on the motorcycle that warns thieves that the bike is alarm locked. 

Another security feature that you can add is a GPS tracking system, you can look here for more information on GPS tracking systems. 

You can also put a sticker on your motorcycle that alerts anyone trying to steal it that it has a GPS tracking system. This can prevent your bike from being stolen. 

Use a Chain to Secure Your Bike

Whenever you are parked outdoors it is best to secure your bike with a chain or a security cable. Make sure that the bike is attached to a fixed object.

Attaching your motorcycle to a bike rack or a street lamp makes it harder for thieves to steal the bike. If you are riding with family members or friends you can chain your motorcycles together. Make sure that the chain is tightly fitted so it will be harder for a thief to cut through them.

Avoid chaining your bike too close to the ground. Thieves can use the ground as leverage to break off the lock and the chain. 

If you chain your bike to a street lamp make sure that it is chained high enough off the ground so that a criminal will have more difficulty breaking the lock. This simple action may stop you from having a stolen motorcycle.

Create a Motorcycle Theft Recovery Plan

While no one wants to have their motorcycle stolen, the fact is that it does happen. Ensuring that you have a plan in place if your motorcycle is stolen is one of the most proactive things that you can do.

Keep all important documents regarding your bike at home but always have a copy on you whenever you are out with a bike. If anything happens you can easily report the details about the bike.

You can also install a recovery device on your motorcycle. This will make it easier for police and yourself to track your stolen bike. The recovery device uses radio frequencies to locate your bike.

You should also ensure that you have full comprehensive motorcycle insurance for your bike in case of theft. This will help you to be financially ready to replace your bike if you do not recover it after a theft. In case the bike is recovered but damaged, once you have insurance you will be financially able to repair it.

Be Proactive

As you can see the best way to prevent motorcycle theft is by being proactive. This means that you need to actively take steps to ensure that your motorcycle is secure. Park your motorcycle in safe places and ensure that you use security devices to prevent criminals from targeting your bike.

Be vigilant in taking care of your bike and watching out for criminals. Criminals sometimes watch you without you knowing and study your habits before they attempt a theft.

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