Sigsync Company wide HTML Office 365 signatures: Review

Charlotte Miller

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How does Sigsync Office 365 email signature manager help?

Sigsync is the most professional and secure email signature for Office 365 on the market today for easily adding email signatures and disclaimers to Outlook and Microsoft Exchange. It is a Microsoft-approved and recommended solution. Use it to manage email signatures from a single interface, ensuring that your organization’s signatures are consistent and professional in appearance (company-wide). Because it is a cloud-based service, you can access it from any location. It does not require any desktop software installations or other permissions. You can get to it from anywhere, whether you’re on vacation, at work, or at home just with a web-compatible modern browser. Continue reading to learn more about this service and to read an in-depth review of it.

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What is the best way to get started with Sigsync?

Getting started with Sigsync is a relatively simple process. To access the dashboard, you must have a Sigsync or an Office 365 account. You will be given access to a 14-day free trial version after signing up for the service. There is no need to provide a credit card or other payment information to test the service, which is extremely convenient if you want to thoroughly test and explore all of its capabilities.

  • Sigsync User Interface 

For those who are concerned with the user interface, Sigsync has a well-designed dashboard that contains all of the necessary options for configuring email signatures. You can directly add an Office 365 tenant and the process is straightforward. It should be noted that the Sigsync’s main interface including the Dashboard is accessible without the need for an Office 365 account. However, if you want to add a tenant and configure email signatures for it, you must have an active Office 365 account (either a trial version or a licensed account that includes Exchange online).

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  • Ease-of-Use

The ease with which Sigsync can be used stems from the fact that it requires no installation or configuration. If you have a modern web browser installed on your device, it will work on any of the supported devices. Additionally, there are no permissions to accept or complicated installation procedures to complete, which eliminates the need for bloatware tools that are typically included with desktop installations. Only your username and password are required to log into the service, allowing you complete flexibility to access it from any computer with an internet connection.

  • Sigsync Editor and Signature Templates

As for the other features, we couldn’t leave out Sigsync’s Signature Editor and Free Signature Templates because they were so useful. The editor’s extensive set of features is worth mentioning because it allows you to drag and drop the necessary components and experiment with them as much as you want. Here you can create the perfect signature while also honing your design skills. The editor is completely customizable, and it has a plethora of elements at your disposal to help you create a design that stands out from the crowd.

To save time, you can make use of Sigsync’s free signature templates, which are available in the template gallery and can be customized to suit any situation. If you want more flexibility, you can directly import HTML signature code into the editor and change it until you have a completely different design to work with.

  • Signature Rules and Logic

One of the most useful features of Sigsync is the variety of rules that can be used to customize the process of adding signatures. It can be referred to as a Rule-Based signature as a result.

Assign Signature: When using the Assign Signature Template feature, it is possible to add different signatures to the first and subsequent emails, which we found to be particularly useful when a user wanted to tone down their signature for back and forth conversations.

Sender: The Sender tab allows you to add or remove signatures for different types of senders, such as those who are members of a Group or those who are subject to AD Filters. For example, if you want to add signatures to Senders based on their city, you can use the AD Filter to include or exclude them from the list of Senders. Create Office 365 groups and assign them under Senders if you want to include signatures from specific teams in your organization.

Recipients: The Recipients tab contains a plethora of additional options for customizing the delivery of signatures to different recipients. Choosing Internal recipients is the best option if you want to send a signature design only to internal recipients within your organization (for internal communication). It is possible to include a specific email address as well as a signature template in this rule, ensuring that only this particular recipient receives the specific signature template. If you do not want signatures for specific recipients, you can also opt out of including them. For example, if you frequently correspond with someone, you can opt to have the sender’s signature removed from your correspondence.

Keywords: A signature can be added to an email in response to specific words in the email by using the Keyword condition. The default signatures that are inserted by many smartphones and email clients, such as Sent from Outlook and Sent from Android, can be removed with the help of this rule. To get started, try a variety of keywords such as Birthdays, Holidays, Christmas, Mega Sale, and so on.

Rule Execution and Priority: When it comes to rule execution, the Rule Execution Flow determines the order and priority of the rules. Whenever a specific rule is invoked, you have the option of choosing whether or not to stop processing the next rule and move on to the next.

Scheduler: When it comes to email marketing, the Scheduler is an essential tool that allows you to include signature campaigns, promotions, and events that are time-sensitive in your emails. It runs for a predetermined amount of time and can be configured to run on a daily, weekly, or even more frequent basis. When it comes to scheduling and managing signatures for multiple occasions, as well as running targeted marketing campaigns, we liked this feature because it saves a lot of time.

  • Preferences and Options

It is possible to customize Sigsync Preferences by selecting from a list of additional options or user-controlled features.

AD changes: If you have created new users or updated the AD attributes of any existing users, you can sync the AD attribute changes with the user database. 

Signature Occurrences: In the signature occurrences section, you have the option of adding signatures to every email, only the first email, or removing previous occurrences, among other options. Especially useful if you are in constant communication with the recipient and do not want your signature to take up the entire message space. 

Signature Position: Additionally, signatures can be added at the bottom or top of an email chain, as well as in the Sent Items folder, for the purpose of legal or other regulatory compliance.

Linked and Embedded Images: With Sigsync, you can also specify whether you want your signatures to include linked or embedded images in order to avoid any downloading issues on the recipient’s end. 

Signature for Encrypted Emails: A solution from Sigsync is available if you have ever been curious about how to add signatures to encrypted emails. The secure message is attached to a new email, and the signature is added to the new email.

Signature formats and Admin: You can also make all emails appear in HTML format by default and enable Global or Tenant-specific signature administration. 

Benefit: Using the Preferences section can save you a lot of time and be extremely useful in a variety of customization scenarios. It is designed in a straightforward drop-down format for ease of viewing. The bright orange Save Changes button is also difficult to miss, which contributes to the overall user-friendliness of the design.

  • User guide, frequently asked questions, and knowledge base

The extensive user manual guides, FAQs, and Knowledge base articles provided by Sigsync are also worth mentioning. Detailed screenshots accompany the guides, and the FAQ section provides comprehensive responses to the vast majority of user questions on a wide range of topics. Additional information can be found in the Knowledge base (KB) articles, which include various errors and their resolutions, as well as specific steps to specific questions. Thanks to its extensive collection of articles and how-to guides, we do not believe that setting up and using Sigsync will be difficult for anyone.

The Most Important Features

We provide a high-level overview of the most important characteristics. There are a slew of other noteworthy features included with Sigsync. We recommend that you visit their official website, explore it, and then use it in accordance with your requirements.

  1. Complete signature control in your hands with centralized management
  2. Sigsync is compatible with all platforms and is portable.
  3. Automatically retrieve and update the values of the AD fields.
  4. There are three different signature modes to choose from.
  5. HTML signature with a fantastic collection of signature templates
  6. Incorporate social media buttons into your signature to make it more professional.
  7. Signatures can be added on a schedule for various occasions.
  8. Integrate analytics and one-click surveys to gather feedback from customers.
  9. The Sigsync Outlook Add-in allows you to quickly and easily add signatures to emails.
  10. Signatures and Disclaimers in sent items ensure that they comply with legal requirements.
  11. Sigsync is safe and secure, and it complies with GDPR and HIPAA regulations.

Sigsync System Prerequisites

Requirements Specifications
Any desktop, smartphone, iOS, or iMac device with a compatible web browser Modern web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Microsoft Edge
Licensed or Trial Microsoft Office 365 account With Exchange online included
Sigsync Sigsync Outlook Addin for client side signatures Supported versions:

 Microsoft Outlook for Windows (with a Microsoft Office 365 subscription)

 Outlook 2016 (Build 14131.20360 or higher)

 Outlook 2019 (Build 13929.20296 or higher)

 Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Free Live Demo and 24×7 free customer support

Sigsync provides free customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with any email signature queries, issues, or questions you may have. You can communicate with them through their live chat window, which can be found in the bottom right corner of any screen. It was amazing how quickly they responded to our inquiries and how personal they were with their responses. On top of that, their expert technical team will provide you with a free live walkthrough demonstration of the entire product upon request, so you can become familiar with all of its features and specifications before you even get there. This also helps you become acquainted with the service. Complete the contact form with your specifications, timezone, and preferred date and time, and they will get back to you as soon as they can. We were extremely pleased with their assistance, which went above and beyond to assist us.

Sigsync Pricing and Licenses

Parameter Monthly Yearly
100 Mailboxes $100 $990 (With one month of free subscription)
Adaptable License Plans Yes (Can change from monthly to yearly plan, downgrade or upgrade)
Free Trial Available Yes. Try all of the features free for 14 days during the trial period.
Free Trial extendable Yes. Contact support if you would like to try the features for some more time.
Discount for Nonprofits, Schools and Government Organizations Yes (Contact Support for more info)
Discount for more than 500 users Yes (Contact support for info)
Payment Method Credit or Debit Card payment. Sigsync is PCI compliant 
License Type In accordance with the number of user mailboxes, with no restrictions on the number of mails sent by each individual user

Sigsync Free signature design service

If you’re having trouble getting signatures for your entire team or need quick signatures for specific occasions, we recommend taking advantage of Sigsync’s free signature design service, which allows you to request a custom design to match your needs. Contact the Sigsync expert team with your signature requirements, and they will design your template at no cost. The fact that we were unable to find this feature in any other signature solutions on the market makes this one of the standout features.

Benefits and Advantages

  1. Office 365 email signature manager hosted in the cloud: The ability to access the service from any device, without the need to install software, is made possible by Sigsync’s cloud-based signatures.
  2. Signatures in Office 365 can be managed from a single location: With Sigsync’s centralized signature, you can manage all of your signatures from a single dashboard, making it simple to stay organized. The global administrator as well as a tenant-specific administrator option allows you to designate the signature management to specific people. The dashboard displays a list of all of the tenants, making it simple to manage signatures for everyone on the account.
  3. Signatures for all emails sent by a company: Many organizations find it extremely difficult to add company-wide signatures to emails sent by Microsoft’s native email signature. Sigsync solves this problem perfectly. With Sigsync, you can rest easy knowing that all signatures are uniform and have a consistent design throughout the entire organization. There is no need to update each individual user’s signature, and signature updates can be rolled out to all users in minutes rather than spending hours or even days.

Security related features

Sigsync is a Microsoft-approved email signature solution, which means there is no need to be concerned about security when using the service. Secure cloud services are used for signatures and disclaimers according to Microsoft’s flow. No one has access to the emails, and they are not stored in any location. The tenant login process is secure, as it makes use of Microsoft OAuth 2.0 and TLS encryption to verify the identity of the tenant. Sigsync is also certified to ISO 27001:2013, which ensures that the email signature process is completely secure. Another feature of Sigsync is that it supports multi-factor authentication, and that its servers are compliant with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It is also important to note that it is HIPAA compliant, which emphasizes the importance of security.

The Bottom Line

Our favorite and the best email signature for Office 365 is Sigsync, which has a wealth of features, is highly adaptable, offers limitless customization options, offers a free signature demo and signature design, and has a full-featured signature editor with an impressive template gallery. The list of features is practically endless, and we were impressed by how simple it was to use and how portable it proved to be. Another aspect for which we would like to give it a five-star rating is the pricing plans. Comparing Sigsync’s license plans to those of other signature solutions, they are surprisingly affordable given the wide range of features that it offers.

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