Should I Travel for College or Study Online?

Charlotte Miller

Updated on:

Starting college represents one of the most significant events in your lifetime. Completing postsecondary studies can prepare you for your future career. College costs can significantly impact your finances until you’re ready to enter the workforce.

As of 2019, there were over 19 million students enrolled in college programs in the United States. Whether you’ve already graduated from high school or are considering postsecondary studies after high school, you may have a lot of options to consider. In addition to selecting a major and choosing between public and private colleges, you can also consider attending college in person or online. Consider the factors explored here to decide whether you should travel to attend college or study online.

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You can pursue studies in almost any discipline through online programs.

You can complete coursework and earn a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree through online programs. Completing a graduate degree through online studies is an excellent way to advance your career after entering the workforce. You can complete your bachelor’s and graduate degrees while managing a job or living at home with your family. You can pursue an associate’s degree in paralegal studies, health information systems, early childhood education, or information technology.

You can prepare for a career as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) by completing an applied behavior analysis online master’s degree program. This graduate degree equips students with the knowledge needed to take their BCBA exam. Students learn about behavior analysis, behavioral supervision and management, child development, research ethics, and behavioral assessment. Graduates can enter multiple career fields, working in education, criminal justice, or mental health. You could use your credentials to pursue a career in special education, working with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder or learning disabilities.

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In-person and online students incur some of the exact costs.

You may not need a vehicle if you opt to live at home while completing an online program, but if you don’t have access to public transit, you might have to pay for car insurance, even if you live with your parents.

If you move away from home to attend college, it’s a good idea to use a car insurance compare tool to find the best insurance company. Your car insurance rate is affected by the type of vehicle you own and the crime rate in the area you live. When you compare car insurance plans, you’ll enter crucial information related to your insurance needs, such as your vehicle’s age and make and address.

You may qualify for a discount if you bundle your auto insurance with other insurance policies, such as renters insurance. Your driving record could also affect your insurance rate and affect your eligibility for discounts. Using the tool to get auto insurance quotes can help you determine if your insurance costs would rise if you move away to attend a school or if you’d pay the same amount if you travel for school.

Studying on campus provides social opportunities and social challenges.

More than 40 percent of college students haven’t earned a degree within six years of starting college. While starting college can seem like an exciting opportunity to make new friends and explore new opportunities, many college students struggle with homesickness, causing them to switch schools or drop out before graduating.

Attending college with close friends can ease the transition to college life because you’ll have a built-in support system. You could cut housing costs by sharing an apartment with friends or sharing the cost of a vehicle and vehicle insurance.

Financial challenges can make it difficult to immerse yourself in your studies. You may opt to live at home and attend community college or complete studies online to reduce expenses while earning your degree. While making your decision, discuss your budget with your parents and talk to your school guidance counselor about financial aid options to help you cover your college expenses.

Today, students can opt to earn their degree through online studies or travel to attend college. Both options have benefits, and you should consider your circumstances to determine which option suits your needs.