Self-Improvement: The Top Five Reasons You Are Stuck and How to Change Them Now

Charlotte Miller

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You may be wondering how to better yourself but you don’t know where to start. In this article we’ll discuss five major scenarios where you feel stuck and how to overcome them.

You hear the same conversations

You’re hanging out at happy hour and some of your coworkers gather around to talk about the weekend or what they’ve been up to. You decide to stop by and be social and you hear the conversation and realize everyone is talking about the recent gossip at the office, the drama of dating apps and then shortly after, they all secretly get on their phones simultaneously to check their dating apps. You try to engage in bigger conversations regarding the passions you have, maybe it’s a business, a book or ideas for personal growth. But your friends keep talking about topics that aren’t stimulating your mind and you feel out of place. 

For the individuals that are looking to grow and find meaning, these situations won’t do you much good. You keep on doing the same old things with your friends and you’re still bored. Sometimes, the best thing you can do for yourself is change the conversations you are having by changing your friend group. Plus, you can also sign up for the 4 takeaways newsletter for the super cool and fantastic experience.

Joining a mastermind group or a summit where you can push yourself to higher levels of thinking is where you thrive. Don’t have access to these? Join some friends at a nearby library or coffee shop once a week to discuss personal goals and hold each other accountable on the accomplishment of them.  

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The Job You’re Doing Is Too Predictable 

It’s the start of your shift, or day. You were looking forward to work and were even happy that you were scheduled. You’re now fifteen minutes in and feel like clotheslining everyone at the workplace. Sound familiar? Congratulations, you’ve officially outgrown your workplace. Usually this type of feeling comes with resentment towards the process of how things happen, the work environment itself or the systems in place that are broken and outdated. 

It’s nothing personal, you just don’t like the way things are going. You suggested changes but can’t get them implemented, you had a chance to be promoted but maybe you didn’t like the pay or it wasn’t enough of an incentive. Now you’re left with frustration. 

You had a good run. The solution is now to leave and find a career that is more complex and intricate, allowing you to grow and not feel like you are doing the same repetitive tasks or seem like you’re fighting uphill battles to get your ideas across. Human beings require complex, growth oriented careers that are challenging and rewarding enough to stick with for the long haul. Look for ways to add a new skill set to your resume and reduce your hours, when you feel as though you’re making enough to cover bills, rip the bandaid and quit your old job. Exploring a new career option where you can work more on your own terms or even be your own boss is best. It can mean the difference between keeping your sanity and making more money.  

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You’re Lost In Conversations

Ever been at a party or social gathering and people are talking about financial matters, 401K or maybe the latest plant medicine you have no idea about? You may be experiencing a lack of curiosity, learning new things or keeping up with new developments. 

We’ve all been part of the conversation where a tech savvy person comes and tells you about the new app that shows you how to increase your reading speed or even do your pushups for you (okay well maybe not yet.) However, a lack of understanding new technology can hinder your future growth. By hanging on to the old ways you do things, it can result in decreased performance in your life and career, simply because you didn’t know that these new technologies even existed.  

Stay ahead of the curve by reading up on topics for fifteen to twenty minutes a day can help you stay ahead and add value to conversations because you’re in the know. Invest in the paid article subscriptions from Entrepreneur, Business Insider, or Harvard Business Review. You’ll get to where you want to go faster and never be in the dark again. 

Not Learning From Mistakes

We all make mistakes, it’s part of life and inevitable. Repeating the same mistakes is what leads to unhappiness and feelings of incompetence. It doesn’t have to be this way, a mistake is simply a learning experience in disguise. 

When chess players lose a game, they go back to the drawing board with their teacher and pick apart every move to see where they went wrong. They then carefully analyze their mistakes and practice becoming better at either avoiding or preventing them all together. It is through their mistakes where great discoveries are made, making them even better chess players than before. 

Be the chess master of your life and extract the learning principles from the moves you made in every situation you feel you came up short in. Find what the nugget of wisdom is for you to learn from. Through constant feedback and improvement, you’ll only become better with time. Start small and journal your discoveries at the end of each day or on the spot when you come across it. You’ll learn that there are many ways you can apply this. 

Lack of Improvement

You got the new promotion a while back and scored a new car in the process, you started eating out more and a few years goes by and all is well. You thought you had it all, the job, the car and then out of the blue your boss tells you you’re laid off, and your eating out has led you to gain twenty pounds. Now what? You still have the car, which is still great. Right?

Life events come at unexpected moments, we think we’re happy in the moment and then for some reason, we rest on our laurels. We stop doing the things that made us successful in the first place. We lose our hunger. People and organizations stop growing when they stop improving and innovating. Complacency hits and all of a sudden we’re desperately clawing our way back up from the bottom of a hole to gain some ground. 

Don’t fall victim to complacency. Improve your current state by reading or listening to more self-help books, learning new languages, or even exercising. Always look for new ways to add value in your career and relationships by improving process workflows, cutting costs or creating more revenue. In doing this you’ll be seen as someone they’ll have to keep around because of all the positive change you bring. But that can only start when you work on improving yourself first, then you can pass that improvement on to others. Being in an optimal state of continuous improvement ensures that you remain a high value individual.