Repair Car AC in India

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How much does it cost to repair car AC in India?

Before we go ahead and address the above question, Let’s try and understand the car AC system and what all can go wrong with it because of which it does require repair over time. Car AC systems have become technologically advanced with time and are made up of multiple components which help in either cooling or warming the car depending on the type of climate you’re driving in. India as a country as a diverse climate with both hotter regions and as well as cold regions being part of its geography and hence the car AC system in India plays an important role especially in regions which are closer to the sea and the climate is more humid which makes the car ac requirement mandatory in such regions.

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Most common problems for Car AC repair in India

Car AC not cooling or sending in cold air

The car ac is one thing in the car that is used constantly and hence attracts a lot of dust and dirt which can get collected in the filters if not serviced on time and these things can cause the vents to get blocked which in turn reduce the entry of cold air into the cabin of the car. A timely car ac service can help in cleaning and clearing the ac duct but also helps maintain the life of the car ac.

Another reason can be that the fuse in one of your electrical components might have short-circuited and hence there is no power being sent out to the blower motor which is responsible for pumping air through the vents into the cabin. Your car ac service technician will be able to help you out and make sure the fuse is repaired and your AC is back to working properly like it used to.

One of the most common issues affecting every other car ac is the refrigerant leak and because of which the cooling of the car is affected highly. This can happen due to some pebble or stone going into the AC system or due to some external damage and hence the leakage of the refrigerant occurs. During the car ac repair, the problem can be detected by your car ac service technician and repaired.

A broken condenser can be another reason as to why your car ac isn’t cooling the car as it should. The condenser helps in keeping the refrigerant cold which then goes through the blower while converting the hot air into cold air. This is the exact air that comes in through the vents and keeps the car cabin cool.

Maybe the ac is cooling but there is not enough air pressure inside the cabin and this is caused basically by a faulty blower motor. If the blower motor is affected, the airflow pressure is affected which in turn does not bring in the necessary amount of cold air that is required into the cabin.

Engine overheating can also cause your ac to malfunction because it affects the condenser from getting your car to cool and also send in hot air inside the car. Your car ac service technician will be able to ensure that this does not happen and your ac only sends in cool air.

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As mentioned above, these are some of the most common problems that affect the car ac system and can be easily reduced if the car ac service is done periodically.

You can always have these problems checked with your local car ac service technician and he will be able to help you out. Most car ac services these days start off at 999/- for a basic refrigerant refill and checking of the components and in case if there are any repairs required the costs can go up from here considering there might be any part replacement required. You can always check up with multiple car ac services and car ac repair providers and get multiple quotes to see which quotation works the best for you and you can go ahead with that. You can also check with other friends and family, and they will be able to guide you because they must have had an experience with their mechanic and will only give you first-hand information.