Quintrex Top Enders: Dream Boat of Many

Charlotte Miller

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Cruising and fishing are the wonderful playful water sports explored by aquatic lovers. And to fulfill their desire regarding this enjoyment is Quintrex Top Enders. It won’t be wrong to say that it is the dreamboat of many people in Brisbane and other parts of Australia. So if you love riding over the ocean and spending your lovely moments with your partner or other dear ones, then Quintrex comes up with many cabin models to explore with. Let me introduce some of its two samples with their features:

Quintrex 430 Top Ender

This cabin boat model includes everything that fulfills your need, especially when you are determined to explore the open bays, creeks as well as estuaries. One can enjoy fishing like crocodiles in the Northern Territory. This boat model is featured with a weight of 750 kg. It is the smallest top ender range from Quintrex that can be easily fitted into many garages with 5600 mm in length and 2160 mm wide. 

Quintrex 430 Top ender is acquainted with multiple accessory kits including anchor well, mechanical tilt steering, bilge pump, battery isolator, pedestal seating, bow roller, and Live Bait tank. It is fully welded with white hull paint, switch panel, nav lights, and raised cast deck along with under storage. 

Coming on to the water package it includes Yamaha Motor Support, 900 kg of telwater alloy braked trailer, QLD boats and trailer rego, battery and box, and Yamaha F60 EFI 4 Stroke. $29,300.00 is the price base of Quintrex 430 Top Ender. 

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Quintrex 500 Top Ender

Coming onto another sample boat model is Quintrex 500 Top Ender. It can be termed as a legendary boat featuring an aluminum stretched Blade hull that will make you experience a better ocean ride with smooth sailing on choppy waters. The sides of the boat are extended with a flared bow that keeps occupants dry at the time of rushing towards the desired fishing spot. 

This cabin boat is rated with 90hp and has the potential to take the weightage of around 5 people. This makes this cruising boat a fantastic fishing rig and an ideal for all fishing mates of yours who are ready to make their day spending on offshores of water. The overall measure of this cabin boat is around 5.18m, a spacious beam of 2.20m, and an underfloor fuel tank 77litre. This makes the Quintrex 500 Top Ender ready to compete. 

The wonderful cabin boat is featured with a front casting platform acquainted with enough room for fishing along with an add-on feature of an extra seat to relax for a while. It is a 4 seat positioner with 3 pedestal seats on board. The Quintrex 500 Top Ender won’t give you any reason to get bored as it is fitted with standard elements like a marine radio, USD port, and glovebox. Besides these, the cabin boat is also acquainted with safety gear, live bait tanks, rod holders, side pockets, and other accessories.  

So if you are really interested in cruising and fishing, then Quintrex 430 Top Ender and Quintrex 500 Top Ender are the two samples where you can make the best time out with your family and friends. So what are you waiting for?

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