QR codes in Formula 1: how the technology works in sporting competitions

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QR codes in Formula 1: how the technology works in sporting competitions

Formula 1 is one of the grandest racing competitions in the world and is often considered the highest-class of international racing for single-seater formula racing cars.

Founded in 1950, Formula 1 now has millions of fans globally. Through the years, they have managed to engage with fans using modern means, one being a QR code generator.

Last May, BWT Alpine F1 placed QR codes on the Alpine A522 F1 car, which led to a month’s worth of Formula 1 PC Game Pass.

For QR codes on Alpines driven by Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon, fans win three months’ worth of PC Game Pass. For those lucky enough to scan the QR code on May 9th, fans get six months’ worth of PC Game Pass.

Formula 1 is only one of the many sporting organizations that have adopted QR codes in live events, online engagements, and more.

Here’s how sporting competitions use QR code technology.

QR codes on tickets

One of the most important aspects of any sporting competition is ticketing.

QR codes on tickets help organizers create an easy ticketing system, minimize overhead costs, monitor attendance, audit sales, and more.

The great thing is that QR codes are customizable and trackable, so event organizers can know precisely how many people scanned, when and where people scanned, and what devices they used in scanning.

Organizers can also set the QR code to be scanned only once to avoid double passes and losses in event sales.

Generating ticket QR codes is extremely easy with an advanced QR code generator, which also offers bulk QR code generation.

QR codes for promotions

Like BWT Alpine F1, QR codes for promotions are common but still very effective in engaging viewers and fans.

Spotting organizations and teams have endless possibilities of applications with QR codes for promotions — free passes, social media, video campaigns, and more!

The versatility of QR codes lets you place them on online and offline materials, including brochures, posters, books, and more.

To effectively integrate QR codes for promotions, generate high-quality QR codes with the right size or dimension for the platform.

QR codes for event details

Only some sporting competitions are one-day events. Others can last for weeks and months, which is the case for big events like the Olympics and Opens.

QR codes for event details make sharing more accessible and efficient for big sporting events because the information is stored on the smartphone once scanned.

Fans can browse on their smartphones to refer to these details instead of event booklets that can be easily lost or event posters that can be tampered with.

Sharing these event details among participants is also more accessible — through a sharing application, messaging app, Bluetooth, or wireless service.

QR codes for emergency contacts

Many things can happen or go wrong Inside the stadium — fans can go wild, and attendees can be very hyped and end up hurting others.

Easy access to emergency contacts, including key staff contact details, is crucial for whatever may happen in the stadium.

Placing QR codes for emergency contacts on seats or showing them on the screen are great options for implementation.

Wherever you place QR codes, the most important thing is visibility, so people know exactly where to find them.

Use a QR code generator in your next sporting game!

If you’re an event organizer and are hosting a sports event anytime soon, incorporate QR codes for entrance passes, event information, and more.

Whether a big or small event, QR codes can take a lot of load off the organizer’s work.

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