Promote Your Business With Custom-Made Stickers

Charlotte Miller

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Promoting your business is necessary if you want to grow it. 

Unfortunately, modern consumers are bombarded with marketing messages and advertisements on a daily basis. 

Even offline, they might get hit with hundreds of different ads each day from TV commercials to billboards they pass by. If you want your promotion to make an impact, you need to do something different. 

Promoting your business with custom-made die cut stickers might just be the way to do it.

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Gift Them

Custom-made stickers make for great gifts for your customers. Custom stickers make great loyalty gifts to anyone who shops with you. You can give them out to:

  • Customers who shop in your store
  • Delivery customers
  • People who buy from you online

Custom stickers can surprise and delight your customers. Offer extra engagement by including inspirational or quirky messages that illustrate the personality of your business and brand. Stickers are great for customers who love decorating their:

  • Laptops
  • Water bottles
  • Smartphones
  • Cars
  • Luggage

This is literally the kind of advertising that sticks around.

Decorate Your Store

If you want an unusual way of getting people’s attention, then put your logo on stickers and then put them on windows, doors, and floors. You can order quantities from only a handful to as many as you need, and some stickers can be made using durable vinyl. 

Even order weatherproof versions if you want to put them on the outside of your windows. Many consumers have trained their eyes, possibly subconsciously, to just avoid the many ads, banners, and posters they are surrounded by in stores, but stickers in unusual places help grab their narrow attention where you might still be able to get it.

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Hand Them Out at Your Next Trade Show

People who attend trade shows are just as susceptible to marketing burnout as daily consumers. If you make stickers with cool designs or funny sayings that are still relevant to the industry a trade show revolves around, then you can hand them out and bring some spark to the day of those passing by your booth.

 These unique giveaways are sure to start some conversations around the trade show floor, giving you the chance to drive a narrative about your brand when surrounded by your industry peers.

Sell Them

Do you operate a retail store? Custom stickers might not just be a way to promote business but also boost sales immediately. Impulse spending at the checkout register can be a great way of using branded merchandise. Even if you sell online through an e-commerce site with a dedicated accessory section. They might be useful in helping customers hit a free shipping threshold.

Put Them on Your Packaging

Create stickers promoting your company’s social media profiles and then put them on your shipments and products. If your business deals with lots of packages on a daily basis, then custom stickers on the outside surfaces of them to highlight your messaging and branding. 

QR codes are all the rage right now, and you can use them to drive customer traffic online to your website where they can find special deals or more products and services. Stickers mean that consumers immediately know your boxes and packages from others they might be dealing with.

Hand Them Out at Special Events

Anytime your business is participating in a special event, such as a grand opening or community festival, then make sure you have plenty of samples of your business products and custom stickers. 

Give them out as free gifts to anyone who stops by your booth or table so you can let them know what you’ve got to offer. You can either promote your business or try out new products while communicating your brand.

Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are great things to add to your company vehicles if you have a business fleet. If you come up with something catchy, then customers might put them on their own cars and give you free advertising on local roadways where every driver and passenger might see it.

Hand Them Out to Employees

Some employees might enjoy having brand-related stickers. Others might just hand them out to the kids in their life so they can play with them. Either is great, because it means your free branding is getting out there and spread around your local market.

Stickers Are Just Fun

No matter how you use them, die cut stickers can just be fun. For many, they harken back to childhood, and the vibrant colors are usually eye-catching. Regardless of what sector or niche your particular business is in, surely one or more of these potential uses of stickers can help you promote your brand.