Printful Vs. Printify: Print Quality & Packaging

Charlotte Miller

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The print-on-demand company, often known as POD, is a flourishing sector these days. It is a procedure for having your customized items produced and manufactured by a third-party provider. Drop shippers are increasingly using this strategy to establish a successful online business. 

Print-on-demand services are offered by a variety of companies, including Printful and Printify. These are the two most powerful firms in the industry, so the purpose of this article is to compare Printful vs. Printify in terms of products quality and packaging.

Customized Products

The procedure of offering customized products is quite simple. The supplier is a web-based platform that links drop shippers and provides all printing services. This is an excellent option since you do not have to pay a charge until your goods have been sold and delivered to your buyer.

 This business strategy is highly appealing and profitable since it requires absolutely little investment. All you need to worry about is your company plan and the marketing method you’ll use to promote your platform and goods while the production and shipping procedures are handled by the print-on-demand service providers. 

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Printful vs. Printify: Quality 

A wide range of factors is involved in choosing a suitable print-on-demand service. You should keep these factors in mind before choosing a suitable service provider. Generally, you should consider the products quality of Printful vs. Printify and their shipping procedures. 

Quality of Products by Printful

Printful, without a doubt, offers higher printing quality due to the significant investment it has made in building this platform. The investment totals $20 million in terms of equipment, machinery, warehouses, and graphic design teams, all of whom are devoted to working relentlessly to make items that meet the customer’s customized needs.

Quality of Products by Printify

Printify has a high reputation when it comes to printing since its printed items survive a long time, even after being washed many times. It also depends on the quality of the clothes. However, Printify never compromises on printing quality. Printify outsources its printing to third-party organizations, yet the company’s quality requirements are upheld. If you’re looking for high-quality printing on Printify, then you will have to choose a supplier with high ratings. 

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Printful vs. Printify: Packaging and Branding

Both Printful and Printify allow you to print personalized logos for your company on the packaging, but the contents are different. We’ll go through the differences in their packaging and branding strategies with you.

Printful uses a simple white label, so no branding may be seen on the shipping packaging. However, you may be able to add your personalized brand logo to the shipping label outside the box. Another significant benefit is that Printful clients get personalized notes with their packaging/ 

On the other hand, Printify has a white label by default without any logo. Companies have the option of adding their name in text only as Printify does not provide the option of adding logos right now. 

It is important to consider these factors because branding plays a vital role in the success of an online business, especially now when the eCommerce industry is becoming highly competitive. If you have a new business, you have to focus on providing attractive packaging to the customers to enhance their unboxing experience and make them fall in love with your products. 

Pros of Printful

Following are the major benefits of using Printful:

  • A large variety of items to pick from
  • Many integration possibilities Automatic system to complete order fulfillment
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Better printing quality Multiple warehouses situated around the world
  • Simple to learn and use

Cons of Printful

A noticeable disadvantage of Printful is that it is costlier than Printify. However, these charges are justified by the numerous beneficial features of Printful. 

Pros of Printify

  • Higher profit margins
  • More flexible pricing options for you
  • Lower product prices
  • Reasonable delivery costs
  • A diverse array of goods
  • The option to pick the printing service provider

Cons of Printify

  • Fewer integration options
  • Branding opportunities are limited. 
  • Low-quality printing, especially if the right supplier is not selected. 


There is no clear winner between Printful vs. Printify. Both systems are regarded as pioneers in the market, and they assist thousands of e-commerce enterprises. As it is a major business choice, the ultimate decision should be taken after examining all of the factors. You should always make a final selection after doing comprehensive research to ensure that the platform you choose will be able to meet your needs while staying within your budget.