Pricing Of Aircon Servicing And Maintenance In Singapore 2022

Charlotte Miller

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When you use an aircon for many months constantly during the summer months, it needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly so that it can continue to function at its optimum level. When you think about maintenance, there are several techniques and processes through which an aircon can be maintained. You have the option of servicing your air-conditioning, having it washed chemically, overhauling it, and many other processes. Each process comprises several steps that are required for maintenance depending on what kind of problem the aircon is facing.

Here, we will discuss some of these maintenance services offered by professional companies and how this different pricing is affected by several factors related to air conditioners.

Aircon Chemical Washing Pricing

Chemical washing is the process in which the unit is cleaned thoroughly and in depth by using specialized chemicals instead of regular cleansers or soap. Through this specialized cleaning, all kinds of stubborn accumulations and debris are removed and the aircon’s efficiency is increased. The pricing of chemical wash depends on the number of fan coils of the air conditioning unit. The typical charges in Singapore for different sized aircon for chemical wash:

1 Fan Coil – $ 80

2 Fan Coil – $ 150

3 Fan Coil – $ 210

4 Fan coil & above – $ 65 per unit 

Aircon Servicing Prices

During servicing, various parts of the aircon are cleaned thoroughly including the filters, covers, evaporator coil, and drainage tray. Along with this, compression suction and discharge pressures are checked and all mechanical parts of the unit are lubricated. The pricing of air-conditioning servicing depends on how many fan coils are there in the unit and also, how frequently the servicing is being carried out. 

For example, for a 2 coil aircon unit, the usual charge is $50 for one time service, $146 for tri-yearly servicing, and $175 for quarterly servicing. It is advisable to get your aircon serviced at least 3 or 4 times a year. In the case where your unit functions round the clock for most of the time, it is advisable to get it serviced every 1 to 2 months.

Aircon Chemical Overhaul Pricing

A chemical overhaul is a type of chemical wash but much more thorough and specialized in which the complete inner and outer units are dismantled and each part is cleaned using specialized chemicals and different problems are resolved after which the unit is reassembled and installed with utmost care. The pricing for a chemical overhaul is greater than a chemical wash and depends on the number of fan coils of the unit. For a 1 coil unit, professionals typically charge $140 for 1 time service which is $60 greater than what they charge for a chemical wash for the same unit. For 2 fan coils and 3 fan coils, the prices are $260 and $120 per unit respectively.

Aircon Gas Top Up Pricing

If an aircon has some leakage or poor quality copper wires, the refrigerant coolant may leak from the unit causing its reservoir to become low. When the coolant reservoir gets low, the aircon is unable to function properly. In such cases, you need to fill the coolant reservoir through gas top up. When it comes to the pricing of gas top up, the factor that affects this pricing is the kind of gas that is used for top up. According to the global standards, there are two main types of gas: R22 and H410/R410A. The typical professional company charge an approximate amount of $60 – $150 for R410A gas and a price of $40 – $120 for the R22 gas. 

Installation And Other Troubleshooting Pricing 

Apart from the above-mentioned services, these professionals should also offer other types of troubleshooting and installation services. Their pricing depends on what kind of aircon it is, what is the problem depending on the test run on the indoor & outdoor unit, wiring test, and compressor health check that they will carry out. If you want any of these services, you can call the maintenance company and get a quote according to your specific problem and situation. 

When you consider maintenance for your aircon in Singapore, it is always a good idea to hire a professional repair and maintenance contractor like LK Brothers who offer a wide array of cleaning, installation, and maintenance services. You can find readily available aircon servicing prices and the types of services the company provides.