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Plantronics Calisto 3200 vs 5200: Which Portable Speakerphone is Best?

by Purva Jagtap
Plantronics Calisto 3200 vs 5200: Which Portable Speakerphone is Best

Why A Speakerphone?

With the “work-from-home” culture, turning into our new normal, virtual meetings over Zoom, Skype or other equivalent platforms, have become a part of our daily life. This has certainly increased the demand for portable speakerphones, offering great audio features. Although our mobile phones and laptops are there to provide an enhanced audiovisual experience, but they are not an adequate substitute for professional calls and long durational client meets. Exclusively built audio devices or speakerphones become our go to’s in that case. There are a variety of options available in the market, we have shortlisted two of them out of the entire lot. Let’s carry on with our detailed discussion and make a comparison between the two.  

The products that we have shortlisted, belongs to the house of Plantronics, a leading brand in manufacturing audio communication devices. Here, we will go through each and every spec offered by Plantronics Calisto 3200 and 5200 for PC and mobile devices, to help you find the best out of the rest.

Why A Speakerphone

Plantronics Calisto 3200 vs 5200: Which is the best?

Plantronics Calisto 3200 Review

Plantronics Calisto 3200 is a corded speakerphone, featuring plug-and-play USB connectivity options and intuitive controls. The device offers a rich and clear sound quality facilitated by the inbuilt 360-degree microphones. You can set up Plantronics Calisto 3200 speakerphone in seconds and experience professional-grade audio quality for virtual meetings or conferences. The device is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, and does not require an extra power cord. With Plantronics Calisto 3200, you will not only get to experience higher-caliber calls, but will also get access to essential visual indicators and voice alerts.

Plantronics Calisto 5200 Review

The portable USB speakerphone is specially designed for professionals who are always on the move. Regardless you are working from the home, office, or in transit, Calisto 5200 provides clear transmission of voice. With a 3.5 mm connector, the speakerphone can be linked with the major PC, Mac systems, tablets, and mobile devices. Digital MEMS and omni-directional 360-degree microphone, embedded within Calisto 5200, assures top-graded audio quality.

We have curated a chart type view facilitating a better understanding of the robust specs, featured by the particular devices.  



Plantronics Calisto 5200

Plantronics Calisto 3200

Connects To PC, Tablets, and Mobiles PC
Unlimited Talk Time No Yes
Call Controls (Answer, End, Mute, Volume) Yes Yes
Bluetooth Wideband Speakerphone Yes Yes


Noise Canceling Active Background Noise Reduction Noise Canceling Microphone
Digital Signal Processing Yes Yes
Dynamic Mute Yes Yes
Voice Alerts Battery (high, medium, low), Power(On/Off), Mute(Muted/On/Off), Volume(Maximum/Minimum) Mute(Muted/On/Off)


Microphone Frequency PC wideband up to 6.8 kHz, full-duplex audio, echo cancellation. PC wideband up to 6.8 kHz, full-duplex audio, echo cancellation.
Weight 214.5gm including USB-A and 3.5mm 194gm


Both the devices come equipped with a 360-degree audio mechanism, featuring a plug-and-play design. Thus enabling users to get access to a professional conference room audio experience from the comfort of home or any remote location. Further, with touch-sensitive controls and visual indicators, Plantronics Calisto 3200 and 5200 turns out to be convenient options for daily use. Automated voice alerts on mute and battery status, turn the devices into a handy choice for busy executives juggling between too many responsibilities. The devices are available in USB-A and USB-C variants and come with a dedicated carrying case of their own, enabling safe travel.

According to the Plantronics Calisto 3200 manual, both 3200 and 5200 are compatible with Plantronics’ cloud solution, Plantronics Manager Pro. IT team get to monitor audio devices from a central location. 

Special Features of Calisto 5200

Plantronics Calisto 5200, saves battery life by turning off in an automated manner, when not connected to any device. It also offers 30 hours of battery life on a single charge and proves to be dependable during consecutive long conferences on the go. 

Special Features of Calisto 5200

Final Words

After analyzing the features showcased by plantronics calisto 3200 and 5200, it is safe to conclude that whereas the plantronics calisto 3200 speakerphone facilitates enterprise professionals with high-quality audio and noise-canceling facilities, Calisto 5200 is more appropriate for executives who have to split their working hours between their corporate office, home, and travel. While plantronics calisto 3200 simplifies remote working, Calisto 5200 can be effective in both remote working and working on the go. 

So, to answer the question, which portable speakerphone is the best? Our verdict will be in favor of Plantronics Calisto 5200. The particular speakerphone allows you to be clear on every call, whether working from a noisy home, a crowded shared workspace, or traveling by car on busy roads.

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