Planning Permission Company – Tips for Choosing the Best

Charlotte Miller

The construction industry is highly regulated in every state around the world. If you are in the UK and planning to build, convert, or renovate a building, you will need the help of a planning permission company to help you acquire the necessary permits.

Architects are the best professionals to help you process these documents because they are involved in planning and drawing these plans. To hire the best planning permission company, you should consider the following tips.

Consider Local Knowledge and Presence

Regulations, interests, and even the ethics of society can differ from place to place and from time to time. Therefore, it is important for the planning permission company you consider to help you to understand them so they can maneuver through the process with ease.

Before making the application, they may need to engage the local authority, make reports, and gather all of the needed documentation to support the application. Many reputable planning permission companies are good at this and will not disappoint you.

Check Experience and Reputation

The process of acquiring planning permission or permits to construct or renovate a building is quite tasking and sensitive. Therefore, it should be handled by an experienced planning permission company with a positive reputation.

Take your time to look for a company that will navigate the process with ease. They should have experienced personnel who know how to do the application and what documents are needed. Experience gained over years of helping clients will also make it easy for them to handle any challenges on the way.

Check Other Services Offered

Do you want to enjoy packaged services? Many people with construction projects would because this is fair. As mentioned, many architectural firms offer planning permission services in their packages. The Humphreysandsons company is no exception.

The best things about using a planning permission company that offers packaged services are the affordability and convenience. The level of consistency in results will boost the smoothness of running your project.

Ensure Fair and Transparent Pricing

Even as you look for a reputable planning permission company, it is good to have your budget in mind. Compare many companies and pick one that offers fair and transparent pricing on their packages.

Most reputable companies offer competitive pricing by adding a fair price margin on top of the government-set application costs. Most importantly, they eliminate all hidden costs, making their pricing very fair to all clients.

Check Customer Care and Support

Lastly, the planning permission company should offer the necessary customer care and support. Therefore, it needs a whole department dedicated to this even if it is offered by one experienced employee.

The goal is to listen to customer requests, concerns, and proposals so they can align their services to meet the needs of the customers. As people look for companies to help them acquire the necessary permits to build, one of their main concerns is finding a service provider that listens.


It is easy to choose the best planning permission company on the market with these tips. You already know the main things to check, especially experience, packages, and local regulation knowledge. Start looking for such professionals to take you through the journey of construction and you will not regret it.