Pet Care: Can Our Dogs Have Cinnamon? 

Charlotte Miller

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Considering the massive benefits of cinnamon to humans, you might be wondering whether your dog would benefit the same if you decide to share your meal with it. Also, you may want your pup to partake of the lingering sweet taste of the spice. 

No matter how much you love your pet and want to share your meal with it, you should know that not all that is good for humans is good for animals too. So, can dogs eat cinnamon? Let’s find out more in the sections below. 

Can I Feed Cinnamon to My Dog?  

Fortunately, this spice is not among the foods that canines do not share with men. So, yes, you can give cinnamon to your dog if you want. It is safe and nutritional for your pet. However, as always said, too much of anything is wrong. 

Therefore, you should feed only a moderate quantity of it to your pet. When consumed in excess, this substance can have adverse effects on your pup. 

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Types of Cinnamon

You should know that they are of two types. Before you jump into feeding it to your pet, it is important to clarify if both types are safe for it. The two types are Ceylon and cassia.

Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon is often referred to as “true cinnamon.” It has a brown color and a delightful taste. It is more expensive because it is scarce and it is of better quality compared to cassia.

Cassia Cinnamon 

This dark-red-colored variant is more common because it is cheap. It also has a lower quality than Ceylon. Cassia has a rough texture, and its sticks are thicker. This variant also contains a substance known as coumarin. Coumarin is found in some plants and can kill some animals, including dogs, when consumed in large quantities.

However, the concentration of coumarin in cassia is not enough to cause death to your pet. Still, its presence in cassia makes Ceylon a better option for feeding pups. Also, when you give cassia spice to your dog in large quantities, the coumarin present may be enough to cause harm to your pet. 

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What are the Advantages of Feeding Cinnamon to Your Dog?

As with humans, it offers multiple health benefits to your dog some of which includes


This spice has anti-inflammatory properties. When you feed dog spicy food, it helps to relieve it of its swollen and sore joint if it has any. It is perfect for aging pets.


This spice is said to be rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free radicals that can destroy the cells and cause harm to your pet.

Protects the Heart

Puppies that feed on this substance are advantageous because it reduces blood pressure. There are more suggestions here on how to help your pup reduce blood pressure and safeguard heart health. 

Decreases Blood Sugar

The sweet spice can regulate the amount of sugar absorbed into the blood. It is suitable for managing diabetes.

Fungal and Bacterial Protection

For pups that have fungal infections or allergies, this spice can help. It prevents the growth of certain bacteria and fungi.

Improves Poor Breath

If you notice that your pet’s breath is terrible and you are looking for a quick way to fix it, rub the spice on your pet’s gum. You can go for treatment at home euthanasia Queens NY pet services.

How Much Cinnamon Does My Dog Need?

As much as it is good for you to feed this spice to your dog, it is also essential that you provide it in moderation. The best dosage for giving the substance to your pet is 1/8 teaspoon for a 15lbs sized pup. 

What Happens if My Dog Consumes Excess Cinnamon?

You do not have to worry about death if your pet consumes more cinnamon than it should. However, other complications may occur if your pet ingests excess spice. 

Look out for these symptoms in your pup; diarrhea, increased heart rate, decreased blood sugar, vomiting, cough, mouth sores, and breathing difficulty. If you notice any of these symptoms in your pet, call your veterinarian immediately.

How Can I Give Cinnamon to my Dog?

Since it is a spice, the most common way of giving it to your puppy is by sprinkling the needed quantity on its food or treat. Some people also make special treats for their dog using the spice, while some feed it to them directly from a spoon. 

Even more, some people make pastries and different recipes for their pets using spice. When baking for your pup, you should be mindful of the ingredients you use. Although cinnamon is safe, other ingredients may not be. Nutmeg, for instance, is often used with the plant bark, but nutmeg is harmful to your dog and should not be added to its meal.

What if My Dog is Allergic to Cinnamon?

All canines are not the same. Therefore, some dogs may be allergic to cinnamon. Allergy differs from pup to pup the same way humans react differently to things. If your pet happens to be among those that are allergic to the plant bark, you can use these substitutes; rosemary, ginger, turmeric, parsley, and basil. They are also suitable for pups. The link here has suggestions on how to deal with dog allergies. 


If you are wondering whether spicing up your pet’s food with cinnamon will have any adverse effect on it, you can go ahead and add that spice. However, make sure you do so in the recommended quantity because excess can affect your pup. 

As explained in this article, there are different means you can use when you want to feed canine cinnamon. Regardless of the one you use; your canine gets to enjoy the sweetness of the spice.