Personal Bank Account: Opt For Switzerland!

Charlotte Miller

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Are you looking for a good place to open a personal bank account? We will offer more than that: it will be an excellent place – and probably the most reliable one in the world! We are talking about Switzerland, of course. Swiss banks are a brand known all over the world, and they are worth it: you will hardly find better services, higher reliability, or more enhanced confidentiality standards than here. Swiss banking is quite affordable: let’s take a look!

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Swiss Banking for Non-Residents

Here are the main reasons to choose personal banking services in Switzerland:

  • Excellent banking standards
  • Convenient online banking
  • High-class customer support
  • Prestigious bank cards that will increase your status and credibility
  • A possibility to open a multicurrency account and operate 20+ currencies
  • A free prepaid card that will allow you to make payments from the account abroad
  • 24/7 access to your bank account from any place

We will recommend a proven Swiss bank that got excellent feedback from our customers. Here are some details about it:

  • It is headquartered in Switzerland and has no branches in other countries.
  • It accepts customers from various countries (except for sanctioned ones).
  • Your deposit will receive the coverage of up to CHF 100,000.
  • Your personal information, assets, and banking data are strongly protected by Swiss laws.

Why Do We Recommend This Bank?

We know that the bank offers a lot of conditions you are sure to appreciate. In particular, here are some of them:

  • You will not need to file a large package of documents (passport and proof of residence will be enough)
  • You will be able to use different currencies within one account
  • As soon as you open the account, you will get access to the trading platform
  • Citizens of almost any country can apply*
  • You will be able to deposit your money for 3 or 6 months
  • The minimum amount you will be required to deposit is 5,000 euros, which is 10 times less than in the majority of respectable banks that work with non-residents)
  • You will have a personal manager to deal with any problem that may arise
  • You will get access to customer support in multiple languages

*There are certain countries whose citizens cannot submit personal applications: Iran, North Korea, Syria, the USA, Yemen, Afghanistan, Sudan, Myanmar, Iraq, and Japan.

Banking Services

Here are the services you will get if you open an account with the Swiss bank we recommend:

  • Set up a personal or a business bank account
  • Benefit from fast bank transfers
  • Take advantage of low currency conversion rates
  • There are almost no limitations if you want to use any particular currency
  • You can get debit and credit cards
  • You can conduct transactions with securities
  • Operations with precious metals are also allowed
  • If you need a trading account, you are allowed to open it
  • Make deposits at competitive rates
  • Get prepaid cards from the bank
  • Use safe deposit boxes

The list is not complete. If you need any particular service that is not mentioned here, please get in touch with our experts to find out more about services, fees, and terms.

Swiss Bank Rates for Non-Residents

Let’s look at the fees a non-resident Swiss bank account holder will have to pay:

  • Creating an account online is free.
  • Account maintenance costs CHF 90 per quarter.
  • If you open a precious metal account, the quarterly maintenance fee will amount to CHF 80.
  • Term deposits and incoming transfers are free.
  • If you need urgent outgoing personal transfers, a higher fee may be charged.
  • Cash withdrawal in CHF comes at 0.25%.
  • If you withdraw cash in other currencies, you will pay 0.50%.
  • If you want to close your personal account, it will cost you CHF 300.
  • The annual rent of a personal safe deposit box ranges between CHF 250 and CHF 1,150 depending on its size.

If you want to find out the rates applicable to corporate bank accounts, please follow the above link and get in touch with our experts.

Opening a Bank Account Online: Documents Required

The set of documents you will need to provide is not very long:

  • Passport
  • Proof (certificate) of residence
  • CV
  • An application form filled in accordance with our recommendations

The bank requires you to make a minimum deposit of 5,000 euros before it starts processing your documents and opens an account for you. If the bank turns you down for any reason, the deposit will be returned.

Opening a Swiss Bank Account: Procedure

  • Get in touch with our specialists and tell them you would like to set up a personal bank account in Switzerland.
  • Provide the information we will request as our specialist has to make sure that we can provide the service in your case.
  • Provide all the documents using the list above.
  • A password will be sent to your e-mail for temporary access to the online personal account.
  • Log in and upload the scanned documents to your personal account.
  • Take a 5-minute interview.
  • Receive instructions to complete the authorization procedure.
  • Obtain an electronic signature.
  • Receive temporary details and use them to transfer the deposit within 30 days.
  • Wait for the bank’s approval and receive details to access your personal bank account.

Ready to open an account with one of the best banks in Switzerland? Even if you have some doubts, please get in touch with us and discuss them. We will be happy to help you!