Office cleaning in London

While many of you may know that office cleaning services exist, you may not know that there are many different cleaning services available for offices across London. Choosing the right cleaning service can impact your business in a great way. The right cleaning service can ensure your work environment is a clean, tidy and safe space for your employees. It can also give your customers the perfect first expression of your business. So, you may be wondering what office cleaning services are available to you if you’re in London. Well, we have a breakdown below.

Choosing the right office cleaning service in London

Regular office cleaning services

This is likely the cleaning service you are most familiar with for offices. This is where a cleaner may come to your office once a day, week or fortnightly and clean the general areas in the office. So this could be wiping down the desks, hoovering, emptying bins, washing up and some dusting, for example. If your office is nice and clean already, this cleaning service is perfect for staying on top of the cleaning tasks and giving your clients a great first impression of your business. The cleaner will likely visit your office for a few hours at a time, and typically before or after work so they don’t disrupt your employees.

Deep clean office cleaning services

Deep cleaning of offices is a brilliant way of jump-starting the cleanliness of a business. Whether you’ve just moved into an office or you haven’t had a cleaner for a while, these services are an excellent way of bringing your office back up to your cleaning standards.

During a deep clean in an office, a team of cleaners will come in and clean everything from top to bottom. This includes any cabinets and cupboards, the skirting boards, the windows inside, and you can add carpet cleaning services to this service too. After a deep clean, you can then use regular office cleaning to stay on top of the cleaning tasks.

After building cleaning services

If you’ve ever had any building work, you’ll know that building dust can get everywhere. Even if the builders are the cleanest in the world and tidy and hoover as they go, a layer of dust can still be over everything in your office. This is a huge problem for you, your employees, your clients and your business as a whole.

It’s really important that your business is nice and clean, and a layer of fine dust over everything can cause all manner of issues. From allergies to broken computers, this dust can cause your company big problems. After building cleaning services are much like deep cleans, but they are designed to get rid of any building dust and any waste that the builders left behind. They are the perfect way of getting your office ready to reopen after building work. Plus, if you’ve had building work completed, you’ll want to show your office in the best light possible. And what’s better than a nice, clean and tidy environment to welcome your employees back after building work?

Antiviral disinfectant cleaning services

This is one of the newest cleaning services available to offices in London, and it has very quickly become the most popular. This cleaning service saw more employees return to offices during the covid pandemic than any other. A fog machine will be placed in the office, and this will produce an antibacterial fog that kills all the bacteria and leaves a protective layer over every surface in the office.

If you’ve had a case of covid in the office recently and want to protect your staff, this is the ideal cleaning solution for you. The entire process takes a few hours and can be done before or after work, and it can protect your employees from covid and many other viruses, so it is great to use in the winter to prevent sick days too.

Not all office cleaning companies in London offer these services, so make sure to check prior to booking. Also, if you do only need regular office cleaning at the moment, it might still be worth using a cleaning company that can provide more. That way, if you have an outbreak of covid in the office, or some building work completed, the office cleaning company you know and trust can provide additional cleaning services and ensure your office is clean and safe ready for work.

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