New Features of Yamaha MT 15 V2 –  More Demanding Bike of 2023

There is a diverse choice of motorcycles in the Indian automobile market, and likely many love Yamaha bikes. It is, of course, the second leading motorcycle manufacturer that offers a choice between segments like daily commuter, sports, and heavy-duty adventure bikes. Over an estimate, Yamaha bikes have seen a bit fall in sales in April 2023 than in April 2022. The company has dipped its sales of 38,065 units in the past month from 43,987 units sold in April 2022.

Okay, still with a low-selling record, Yamaha bikes are always a first choice for bikers. If you want a sturdy, stylish, and powerful bike, go with the newest Yamaha MT 15 V2 segment. The motorcycle is amazing in making drives safer, comfortable, and stable, let, thrilling drivibility. Just explore its reliable features below, which truly make this Yamaha bike stand out from others on the same budget but in different brands.

The Yamaha Mt 15 V2 –  Best Features That Make It a Hot Pick To Invest In 2023:

When it is about a defined and decent choice of bike investment, go for this Yamaha MT 15 V2  bike before 2023 ends. Hey! If you are doubtful about its features, you must read the section below carefully.

  1. Traction Control System: Traction control is included with the V2 modrl. This special electric technology has the amazing ability to reduce the risk of wheel spin.
  2. Powerful 155cc LC 4V FI Engine: Reliable and stylish, the 155cc liquid-cooled 4-valve engine provides power and torque for the MT-15 Version 2.0.
  3. Inverted Forks: The inverted front fork design makes it easier to navigate and change the bike’s direction at high speeds, making it more agile and true to the spirit of the MT-15.
  4. Silver Rocker: The MT-15 Ver 2.0 glides smoothly over any terrain thanks to its aluminum swingarm. The vehicle’s excellent rigidity balance makes handling sportier and more stable.
  5. Differential Valve Activation: The Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) system delivers maximum power in the low-to-mid rpm range without sacrificing torque. One is for low to medium RPMs, and the other is for high RPMs. There are two intake valve cams. At 7,500 rpm, they alternate to maintain sufficient power and torque throughout the rev range.
  6. Assist and Slipper Clutch: To ease clutch pull during braking and allow for low-stress gear changes, an Assist Slipper Clutch (ASC) is used. ASC helps reduce rider fatigue. Additionally, it prevents excessive engine braking, minimizing its effect on chassis behavior. ASC produces smooth and pleasant gear changes. The instrument cluster display shows phone notifications through the Yamaha Y-Connect app.
  7. Last Time Parked: You can use the app’s last parked feature to find out where you last parked your bike. This feature cannot be used to track a machine that has been moved since it was parked. Its other specifications, like a digital speedometer, tachometer, Bluetooth mobile connectivity, single-channel ABS, and a trip meter, make it more versatile.
  8. Failure Notice: The software alerts the user on their smartphone if the device malfunctions or malfunctions. Additionally, this can be confirmed over the phone using the bike records. This software also allows users to communicate with other Yamaha riders and track each user’s mileage and level of environmental responsibility.
  9. Dash Rounds: The smartphone screen can also act as a dashboard, displaying information such as engine speed, degree of throttle opening, rate of acceleration, eco-driving indicator, and fuel consumption in real-time that are not visible on the motorcycle’s dashboard. Consider Yamaha MT 15 V2 in India before buying.
  10. Sharp Edge Looks: Yamaha MT 15 V2 motorcycle is a beautiful-looking sports bike. The sharp edge LED tail lights, headlight turn indicators, and well-finishing looks make it more decent. It is perfectly designed in ideal shape and size, allowing comfortable drivibility for bikers even for hours.

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What Is The Cost Of Yamaha MT 15 V2?

Okay, Yamaha bikes are affordable for a few. It may look expensive too. However, when it’s on quality motorcycles from trustable brands like Yamaha Motors, this Yamaha MT 15 V2 Price may vary. Its cost is between 1.65 Lakh to 1.69 Lakh in India.


Yamaha Mt 15 V2 is one of the best bikes in the market. It offers various features at a reasonable price. The bikes also look classy and beautiful, adding an amazing drivibility experience for hours and rough terrain trips. So if you are considering heavy performance, feature-rich, and reliable mileage motorcycle, look for Yamaha MT 15 V2 in India

The motorcycle can definitely let you feel on cloud nine while having a safer and more comfortable driving experience. In fact, it’s a low-maintenance sports bike with decent mileage of 58 KMPL to 60 KMPL, thus fuel efficiency. What next are you waiting for? Go for this heroic motorcycle from Yamaha Motors soon.

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